28 febbraio 2012

28 February 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added a story by Sveta in the "Where the Cannibals hunt free" page

Added some toons to the "Old Classics" page.

Added a link to "The GnamGnam Tribe Forum"! Go and see!

27 febbraio 2012

27 February 2012.

What's new in the pot?

I have added a new page, "Comics On Sale", where you can find the comics that I sell and I have deleted the pics of the comics posted in the Home page to make the Blog more easy to read.

24 febbraio 2012

24 February 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Where the Cannibals hunt free: added a new story.

Added a new page: Old Classics.

My dearest friends, I am waiting your comments and suggestions on this blog: don't be shy or modest, please.
Write your ideas here ot mail them at: esploratrice1956@yahoo.it
Take care and good hunt!
Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

23 febbraio 2012

23 February 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added a new page: Sveta's Corner.

Added a new story on sale: Cannibal Island Soup.

22 febbraio 2012


My dearest chefs and pot/spit-companions, if you have suggestions or ideas about this blog, please, fell free to write me to tell them: I want to make this blog a very interesting and nice place for you.

22 February 2012.

Added a new story: Bollito Misto (Mixed Stew) by Cristina.
Added some links to other interesting places in the jungle.

21 febbraio 2012

21 February 2012.

What's new in the pot?
A new story on sale.
A new page: Written stories.
Some pics added at Toons and some at Characters.

How to cook Anna?

My dearest chefs,
following the results of the pool about the way to cook the poor Anna (see the pic shot some years ago, alas!), the most of you chose "an other way" instead of the classical methods like pot or spit. So, please, tell me your suggested method, so I'll choose the best  for a new story.

Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

16 febbraio 2012

16 February 2012.

Big Update. Added new toons and movies. Added  a NEW PAGE: Characters!

14 febbraio 2012

10 febbraio 2012