29 maggio 2012

29 may 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added two toons to the "The Characters of my stories" page.
Added three pics to the "Manipulations" page.

My dearest friend, this morning I am a "little" scared because a strong quake shaked my home. Luckily here there were not victims or heavy damages, but near Modena yes, alas.

Well, this morning I wanted answer a mail that a chef wrote me, asking my feelings about my cannibal adventures. I apologize if I'll be not very long in the answer, but I hope that you understand my feelings now.

Now then, for me the most intense part of the cannibal fantasy is still of course when it takes place in Africa or on some far away tropical island. Sex however is always involved but the violence is of the old "Hollywood" tradition. The sex part is for me important because it intensifies for me the experience: these men strip me naked, they tie me up I am completely at their mercy, they rape me but all they want to do is cook and eat me. Whenever they touch me it is only for make my meat a lot more tender and tastier. I am angry, frustrated and humiliated.
The pot again is part of the classic fantasy: sometimes they lift me up and set me in feet first, or toss me in with great laughter or worse make me walk to the pot down two lines of cannibals and force me to climb into the pot myself! Sometimes by simply climbing into the pot the best way I can or up a ladder they provide each time they playfully prod me in my bottom with a spear to keep me going forward into the pot. And when I am in the pot whatever they do terrifies me if they dance around the pot or sing as they watch me cook or sometimes just ignore me hoping I will cook fast so they can all eat soon.
The greatest physical sensations are two my feet and my bottom getting hot from the fire under the pot and the fact that I am totally wet as the fire makes me perspire so that I am totally drenched. All this produces feeling inside my pussy that I can barely control!
I am so suffering. my fate is sealed and my doom is to be eaten by cannibals!
But I want to have a last orgasm after my cooking, feeling the chief’s tongue licking and sucking my well boiled cunt and clit and then his teeth biting hard my pussy’s little labias while his cannibal fellows are sinking their knifes in my belly and slicing my poor tits!
I think that the ultimate love is to be one with your lover and so to be eaten, in my fantasy, is the way to fulfill this my desire.

Well, that's all folk. Waiting your suggestions and comments
Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

25 maggio 2012

25 May 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added three pics to the "Pics and toons with Anna aka me" page.
Added one movie to the "Some movies" page.
Added two pics to the "Manipulations" page.

My dearest chefs and pot/spit companions, an other week is ending and, again, it's raining! What an annoying weather!
In the jungle, the GnamGnam are quietly waiting that you send to them some new recipes to cook the white hens/sows that are happily walking in the forest. 
Don't be shy! As you see, I am very happy and proud to post your suggestions and works on the blog. I want that you feel and see this place like a safe and quiet place where we can meet and share our common fantasies without the fear of bad judgments and misunderstandings.
Jadoo is working hard on her new article and I hope to post it soon: I know that many of you are eagerly waiting to read her so interesting and exciting subjects and ideas about "real" cannibalism.
I kiss to my beloved Khalid, sunk in his work: I think you, my dearest. 
Well, good week-end to all of you.
Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

22 maggio 2012

22 May 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added a pic to the "Pics and toons with Anna aka me" page.
Added a pic to the "Manipulations" page.
Added three pics to the "The Characters of my stories" page.

My dearest friends, this morning an interview from Italy, my country.

"Who's in the kettle today?"
Where are you from? Italy
What's your nickname? Zap
Sex? M
Age? 29
A brief physical description. Brown hair and eyes. A bit on the lean side.
Are you a Cannibal or a Dish? I love both ends of the fork, so to say.
And who is your prefered prey? A woman who is not an easy catch, who is witty and scrumptious to prepare.
And who is your prefered chef? A woman who loves cooking and enjoy the company of a man at her dinner table.
When did you discover cannibalistic fetish and fantasies? Long time ago, I started to mix up sexual and culinary fantasies in a playful way.
What’s the best for you? Capture, preparation, cooking? Definitely, a good preparation is the key to a wonderful meal.
Did you ever make your cannibalistic fantasies come true as a harmless sexual game? Or are they only dreamed fantasies? Sometimes it’s fun to play pretend to be served to a classy lady, as far as your skills of self-preparation allow.
Are you alone in your fetish? Don’t you know about the large community who is out there ? J
What is your preferred recipe? In order, a nice and cozy oven roast, a roasting on the rotisserie and a warm bath in a big pot.

Waiting your suggestions, comments and works, don't be so shy,
Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

18 maggio 2012

18 May 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added a toon to the "Pics and toons with Anna aka me" page.
Added two toons to the "Old Classics" page.
Added a story to the "Written stories" page.

My dearest friends, at last here is sunny: the ideal weather to go in the jungle! 
I have received the works from a cannibal designer and I'll post them in the near future: I am happy that someone of you is going out from the trees and He is starting to help me in the care of the blog. And, above all, I am happy because I think that this means that you like my humble work.
Take care and good week-end, my friends, cannibals and pot/spit companions.
Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

15 maggio 2012

15 May 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added four toons to the "Pics and toons with Anna aka me" page.
Added two photos to the "Manipulations" page.

My dearest friend I am happy to announce that there is a winner for the "30000 contacts Game": a chef from a far away north land! My compliments to him!

Life is running as usual here in the jungle: the GnamGnam are prowling around, hunting tender and white hens and/or sows  for their tribal banquet and our dear Anna is desperately trying to be caught... ops, my apologies, to run away from the cannibals! ;-)

Waiting your kind and nice support, here a new interview for your pleasure.

"Who's in the kettle today?"
Where are you from? I live in the state of New Jersey in the U.S.
What's your nickname? naylands.
Sex? Male.
Age? Just had my 60th birthday, Maria does that make aged meat?
A brief physical description? Well I am 5'7,  215 pounds,  plumb around the middle, a very little rump, nice thighs and legs from walking.
Are you a Cannibal or a Dish? Well both.
And who is your preferred prey? You and if I can't catch you, Maria, I love Asian women.
And who is your preferred chef? All those lovely African cannibal women.
When did you discover cannibalistic fetish and fantasies? When I discover the site “Boiled Alive” nearly ten years ago and then explore the web. My first fantasies began when, as a teenager, I watched the old Tarzan movies. I hoped that the natives would get Jane. Also I loved the canntoons in the magazines and these lead to much excitment.
What’s the best for you? Capture, preparation, cooking? It’s the cooking-pot, spit etc!
Did you ever make your cannibalistic fantasies come true as a harmless sexual
game? Or are they only dreamed fantasies? I have dream fantasies.
Are you alone in your fetish? Yes.
What is your preferred recipe? The cooking pot,with a partner. Followed closely by being roasted alive.

Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

11 maggio 2012

11 May 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added three toons to the "Pics and toons with Anna aka me" page.
Added two pics to the "Manipulations" page.

My dearest readers, first I want tell "thank you" to the few who wrote me to invite Giulia to carry on drawing , this 18 young artist need our support !
Second, the great mb is drawing my new story and He is doing a real masterpiece. I am looking forward to see the story finished!

At many readers’ request, another real tale from my distant past…
I was 20 years old and my dear friend Luisa invited me to spend two weeks at her place. Her teenage brother Mario had a crush for me. One day, as Luisa’s family was out, I stay home with Marco, who felt himself a little bit sick.
After the lunch I went to do a nap, wearing only my bra and panties. A moaning at the door awakened me. Thinking that Mario was sick again, I opened the door, just to find the boy, half naked, and frenetically masturbating his hard dick!
I suppose that he was spying on me and that the sight of a half-naked young woman excited him a lot. At first angry, after a while I felt heat between my thighs and seeing that erected cock secreting its precum gravy by the meatus of the uncovered glans aroused me a lot.
I had role-played cannibal stories before that and all the characters involved in my fantasies was female ones, so why don’t change a little? I made up my mind in a snap of finger, and I decided to put Mario in the kettle so to speak.
I told to Mario that I wouldn’t make any fuss about that if he accepted … to be eaten by the cannibals ! At first stunned , he therefore gladly agreed after I explained my self a little .
We had a long afternoon before us and we got the whole house for us. At the beginning we were a little bit shy, but soon we role-played as professional actors all the characters: the helpless housemaid and the family boy, the various cannibals, women and men alike, all of them !
We came four times, the both of us: one during the capture, one before the stuffing, because the chefs, a male and a female, needed our gravies to prepare the stuffing for our asses and my cunt. And one more during the cooking, Mario was roasted on the spit while I was boiled in the pot. The last orgasms happened when we were served on the cannibals' table! What a wonderful afternoon!
Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to do it again. Many years have passed , Mario lives at Roma, he is an engineer, married with 3 children, but when, and we seldom meet, but when we do , he always tells me that " roasted chicken is my favourite dish!".
A good blast from the past …

Well, I think that's all for today. Good week-end my dearest friends: I wish you a very plump and tender hen in your pot.
Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

07 maggio 2012

7 May 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added a new article to the "Jadoo's corner" page.

My dearest readers, this morning I am very proud and very happy to post a new article by my beloved (and you understand what I mean, even I am not a lesbian) Jadoo. She is a wonderful woman, a very good pot companion, a so next me soul but, for this blog, She is a very, very expert about "fake but real" cannibalism. And at most, She has a deep knowledge about human feelings and mental processes. As you know, I am alone in my cannibal fantasies, my good husband doesn't share them, but I have the hope that a day I'll take him in the jungle, and in the pot!, with me.

Well, good reading, my dearest friends. I am waiting your comments and mails. By the way: who crossed the 30000 line first?
Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

04 maggio 2012

4 May 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added one toon to the "Pics and toons with Anna aka me" page. The toon is the work done by a very young girl: a neophyte in our community, so don't judge her style with a too much hard eye. We need new entries in the jungle.
Added three pics to the "Characters of my stories" page.

I have updated the "right" side of the "Home page" because someone told me (thanks Jungle Jim and Jadoo) that it was not clear the real purpose of the blog, so my friends, please read the 'welcome'. You must feel comfortable writing to me without thinking that I want to sell you my comics! I want to share my fantasies with you NOT to get money from you! 
If afterwards you liked to buy someone of them, well, I'll be happy, but this is not my target. By the way, I use the collected money only to commission new cannibal stories.

And now, the "business" part! ;-)

My beloved friends, we are very quickly approaching the 30000 contacts goal! A real BIG number indeed! This old Italian hen is very, very proud that you like this blog so much!

And so, to feast the level, a BIG announcement:
1) the first crosser of the level'll get a comic, his/her choice, free!
2) till monday 7 may, all the comics'll have a 30% discount!
3) till monday 7 may, if you buy 3 comics, the cheaper'll be free!

I hope that you like the game!

Well, a special kiss for my chef Khalid, too much busy to cook me: I always think you, my beloved!
But, please, the rest of you don't be jealous: all of you are in my heart, as I hope to be in your pot or over your spit! Trust me, I like to be your hen/sow ready to be cooked!

Waiting your mails,
Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

02 maggio 2012

2 May 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added four pics to the "Pics and toons with Anna aka me" page.
Updated the "Interview" page.

After a some more longer rest, we have two National Feasts here, I am ready to go in the jungle again, my beloved friends.
Mb is working on the new story so I hope to have that ready soon! Crossing my fingers, however!

This morning I want tell you my preferred fantasy about my cooking, hoping that someone of you want draw it! I know that I am a very demanding hen!

I am standing up on my feet in a big pot: the pot is on a big and fierce fire and the water, which is filling the pot, it is just very hot and it’s half way of my thighs. A cannibal cook (He’s like a classical cannibal of a toon), with a big chef hat on his head, is mixing up my broth with a large wooden spoon, while an other, dressed like the first, with an hand is piercing my ass with a sharpened fork to check my cooking and with the other hand has grabbed my shoulder and He is trying to push me down to sink me in the hot water! He is also speaking: “Essere ora ghe bollasdra Anna sedere: gosì guogere univormemende! «It’s time that Anna the hen sit down! So She’ll cook evenly!»”.
And now a my description.
I am all naked and have my cunt well shaved.
The rising steam had moistened my hair and it now stuck to my face in a tangled mess. I am all covered from sweat and vapour and my skin is just very reddened.
Droplets of sweat and tears of fear and pain are dripping off my face, straining on my big tits and falling abundantly from the hard and erected nipples into the pot.
My arms are tied along my sides so that the rope, turning more times around the joining of the big tits, almost squeezes those out since to burst:, a big carrot is inserted between the tits, while the nipples, turgid and swollen, are nailed from sprigs of parsley.
Two onions are inserted under my armpits.
A long and big celery is ramming my pussy, and a very big carrots is inserted in my ass hole.
I am crying and screaming helplessly, while I am trying to resist to the cook’s push: “No! Fermo! Non voglio sedermi! Non voglio essere cotta: sono un’esploratrice, non una pollastra da lessare! «No! Stop! I don’t want to sit down! I don’t want to be cooked: I am an explorer not a hen to be boiled!»”.

What do you think? Do you like my fantasy?
Waiting your drawings and suggestions and comments,
Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria