08 giugno 2012

8 June 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added two pics to the "Manipulations" page.
Added four toons to the "Characters of my stories" page.
Added a story to to the "Photostories" page.

Mb is working hard on the new story that I have commissioned to him and Andrea&Ale are drawing a my "old dream": I hope to show their masterpieces when I'll be back home.

My dearest friends, chefs and pot/spit companions, I will be on vacation from tomorrow, for three weeks, time for me to take some rest, and to explore the jungles of Italia.
I will be back during the first week of July, with a lot of new exciting material for you! I swear on my pot, like says my wonderful cook Kibo.

So, to the next time, I wish you the best, please take care, and play safe! 
Forgot: the forum'll be on thank to Betta, Jadoo (love and kisses) and the others good willing cannibals... ops, I mean people!

Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

P.S. A special kiss to my wonderful Khalid.

05 giugno 2012

5 June 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added a new article to the "Jadoo's corner" page.
Added three toons to the "Pics and toons with Anna aka me" page.

My dearest friends, we have overcome the 40000 contacts winning post: a real success! I didn't think that my "little" blog could have so many readers: thanks a lot, my lovely friends.

This morning I am very, very and very happy to post the new article of Jadoo: a very interesting subject I think. And I am very, very and very proud to post it because... well, you read and you'll know!
Jadoo is really a wonderful woman: a clever, intelligent and deep mind in a very nice and fine body! I believe that every cannibal chefs would boil her in the pot or roast her on the spit! And She has a clear point of view about our intimate desires and sexual fantasies: no doubts that She has spent many hours thinking and studying them. We are very lucky that She wants share her thoughts and experiences with us. So, I wish you good reading.

Waiting your mails, I remember you that this is the last week before my first summer break off the blog.
Take care and good walking in the jungle.
Bacioni bacioni bacioni    Maria

01 giugno 2012

1 June 2012.

What's new in the pot?

Added three pics to the "Manipulations" page.
Added three pics to the "Photostories" page.
Added two toons to the "Old Classics" page.

My dearest friend, the jungle is not more shaking here, so I am a little more quiet.
I think that next week Jadoo'll send me her new article: I am looking forward to read it. I like a lot her works: very nice and exciting indeed!
Next week'll be the last week before my first part of summer vacations: no more updates till my return to home. So, my friends, if you have suggestions and works, please send them to me before next Thursday 7, so I'll post on the blog before my leave.
WOW! We are quickly approaching the 40000 contacts winning-post! I am happy and proud that you like this little blog so much! This time, not a game but a heavy discount: 40% less on all the comics if you buy someone of them before next monday. Hurry up! ;-)

Well, all for today. I wish you all a very nice week-end in the jungle! A lot of white hens and sows is walking around, waiting and hoping to be caught by the cannibals!
Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria