29 maggio 2014

29 May 2014

What's new in the pot?

Added four pics to the "Manipulations" Page.

Added a new article to the "Jadoo's Corner II" Page.

This week, my dearest followers, a new work by our so sweet and tender and cool Jadoo (I suppose that her brain must be a very salty morsel!) about a particular way to life our fetish: outdoor!
A very interesting point of view, trust me! And exciting too! I would be with her in the woods and play some "cannibal game"! 
The month is ending so the special discount: be quickly!
I'll be offline next month, from 6 to 30.
Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

23 maggio 2014

23 May 2014

What's new in the pot?

Added five pics to the "Pics and toon with Anna aka me" Page.

Added two poser work on the "Chikens and pullets on the menu"Page.

My dearest followers, come on! Only the next week to buy my comics with a HUGE discount!!!

I am waiting your contributions to the blog too!

Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria

16 maggio 2014

What's new in the pot?

Added one new story to the "Photostories" Page.


Over 200000 contacts! What a happy day! Thanks my dearest followers! I am very proud that my little blog have so GREAT success!

As a prize, ALL of my comics on sale have a HUGE discount: - 75% of their price! 
This till the end of this month! Be quick!

Please, the winner contact me for his/her SPECIAL prize!

Bacioni bacioni bacioni    Maria

08 maggio 2014

8 May 2014

What's new in the pot?

Finished the Ehes's story in the "Where the Cannibals hunt free" Page.

Added five toons to the "Pics and toons with Anna aka me" Page.

We are much more near to the 200000 contacts!
Who'll win the prize?

Bacioni bacioni bacioni   Maria