Jadoo's Corner II


A young submissive will always be looking for her teacher(s). Is there a right place and right people for an initiation? If she’s in love with a skilled mistress/master, it’s OK, but it’s not something frequent. Most of the time, she ought to convince her partner that her sex life needs to be spiced with kinky games. Then, and it’s even more problematic, she have to make her or him understand that in matter of complex domination games, if as a couple you’re your own teachers, then you have a pair of fools for pupils.

If by some sort of miracle some of your friends happen to be experienced bdsm’ers willing to monitor your first steps, it’s great. Else, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to a BDSM Con. where you’ll easily find tutors. There are also (in Western Europe) a few spots known to organize tutoring sessions for the newbies. Everything else is dangerous, and sometimes very hazardous.

The shit you can scrape in mainstream porn is made by morons, for morons. And BDSM Clubs are places where dominants, men mostly, will treat a woman like a slob clothed in rags. Dealing with such guys is a good way to end at the local ICU. Furthermore, half of the girls you can meet in such places are hookers. They don’t bother me, they are free to do that for a living.  I’m more concerned about the other half: women without any self-esteem.

On the contrary, good tutors will always act toward a submissive as if she were a queen dressed in silk. Their main concern will be to make her comfortable, and self-confident. Another glaring difference between home sessions with friends and clubbing is the atmosphere: tactful and cheerful for the games at home or at friends’ place, sordid and pathetic for the so-called trendy places. 

Of course, tutors may have their own rules. If from time to time, with my husband, we introduce a couple to the basics of BDSM, we don’t accept single people as pupils and we refuse to train a male submissive. Moreover, if we don’t find them fairly pleasant, we always drop out from their initiation. The first time we met, it’s absolutely out of question to do something else than chatting. We expose them our philosophy concerning BDSM, and we ask them what they’re thinking about it.

Our attitude is centered on the couple, and the notion of mutual respect. They got to understand that domination and submission will be the heyday of her (his) sex life, provided the fact it’s aligned on their love story. It’s also necessary to explain them the meaning of the terms “domination” and “submission”. Of course, the dominant is the one who will be giving the orders. And the submissive will have to do what’s requested from her. But if you take into consideration that the slave’s pleasure is vital, that her limitations are inviolable, and that the dominant got to pay her respect, the distinction between the dominant part and the submissive role isn’t so well established.

We use to center our teaching on the submissive. Maybe because I’m a feminist (and my hubby is a feminist ally…) I think that it’s very important to teach to female sex slaves that being a submissive don’t mean being an inferior. Besides, her future mistress or master has to look, listen and think first, in order to learn how to focus on his or her submissive well-being and pleasure.

Many tutors feel embarrassed when they ask a woman to give a list of her limitations. The issue that she’s confronting is that she has no idea of what they mean. As for me, I begin to ask her a “yes list” (caresses they appreciate), a “maybe list” (fantasies which turn her on) and a “no list” (things she find disgusting or scary). Then, I got a list of key questions about her physical weak points. I’m generally able to establish an inventory of the girl’s limits, and I urge the two newbies to understand that the dominant will never be allowed to transgress them

When the first meeting is over, what I got is a sketch of the future slave, not a roadmap leading to each and every point of her psyche. But it’s enough for the first lesson. This masterclass begins by a reminder: the safety rules, the safe word, the safe sign, and so on. “Progressive” is my favorite word, so the first sessions always turn to soft domination, without any bondage. Real sadistic pleasures aren’t involved, except for mild spankings, trivial nipples pinching, etc

Of course we don’t have sex with our trainees. However, even if the tutors must never be naked, I wear some sexy outfits, as is my man. Keeping all our clothes would be scornful.
And our rookie slave doesn’t have to be fully naked if she doesn’t want to. It’s up to her.

The most difficult thing is to show to the couple that they have to wipe out from their minds all their alleged knowledge about domination and submission. Nine times out of ten, for them, a BDSM session it’s a dungeon, whips, clamps, spreader bars, leather garments, in a word: tools. Too bad for them, bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism, it’s primarily a state of mind as well as an ethic.

That’s why the session are organized at our place (but not into our main home sex-room nor into our secondary home dungeon) or at their place. We also insist to limit the number of sextoys: one or two dildos, a rope, a gag, a pair of handcuffs, nothing more. They have a pen, their minds, a sheet of paper, their bodies, it’s well enough to write their own story.

I always ask to the dominant to cuddle her lover, and while he’s kissing her, I ask him to tell me what kind of orders he could give her. In turn, I ask to the woman what sort of request she would be eager to satisfy. I can collect enough bits and pieces to imagine a scheme. After that, I order to the girl to stand still and stay mute, and to wait. Then I ask to her mistress or master to imagine a course of actions.

People have a tendency to think that domination is as simple as “do this, do that”, or they tend to have in mind some grotesque scenes where girls and guys are frenetically juggling with whips, hot candle wax, X crosses, and the like.  Bullshit! The real games are far more complex. When I ask a mistress to imagine a scheme in order to dominate her beloved wife for their common pleasure, I press her to exert her creative freedom. 

I always use a metaphor. Domination, and especially sadomasochism, is basically a kind of storytelling. Forget the fact that the scenarists and directors are also the actors of this play. Technology – I mean the various bondage devices, the sextoys, and so on – are used only to help you to tell this tale. It’s really the artists, you people, and how well you’re able to tell the story that counts in the end. The props are what you need to tell this story, so you could have an epic that is more like the one that you could think of in your head.  

Anyway, a newbie will quickly catch the idea:  his partner needs to be dominated, and cherished, at the same time. The pressure isn’t on her shoulders, but on his back. So he could be tempted to say “let’s go for an adventure and see what happens”. However, in matter of domination games, improvisation never works. You got to have a storyline, an idea, a plan.
The difficulty is that this scenario isn’t some kind of instructions for use. You can’t do one process, and then go to the next process. It’s more like painting, you paint, you move around, you paint a little bit more. The future master must see how the submissive woman will react, and in turn adjust the storyline.

I’m there to help him. I know that he will soon gonna be dancing the line of “is it not too much for her”. I don’t give him orders, but I may suggest him to include some ideas into his synopsis, or to take back some parts from it. As I don’t like to be clung to trainees like a wet rag, I keep my mouth shut until I feel that they are in dire need for a good advice.

After a couple of soft sessions, the rookies are able to play by themselves without any guidance. But as the submissive is usually eager to go to the next step - serious bondage - they come to us again. The basic rules will be the same: mutual respect, mutual pleasure, the slave’s delight comes first, and of course, they have to play safe.

They are now capable to understand the creative process and the necessity to adapt it to the slave’s reactions during the session. Nonetheless, I have to insist about the fact that during a bondage session, the dominant got to have in his mind what’s going to happen. Then he’s going and getting elements, he’s never getting a finished “scene” in his thinker. It’s quite disturbing.

My husband has an interesting definition: bondage is an dream that comes true in very specific words. But every word is an open gate leading to another dream. A good dream or a nightmare? It’s not a little affair to explain to trainees that during the game, the way the submissive will react will become far more crucial than before. The balance between the “she could like it” and “she is really enjoying it” is subtle. The equilibrium between the “she likes this” and the “she would like that even more” is complex too. The key words are osmosis and harmony. That’s why bondage is elitist: if you’re not really in love, don’t do it.

When it comes to bondage, I have to be far more active, and sometimes really directive. My hubby and I we have to insist on safety rules, or to expose and explain the various techniques usable to tie a woman, and so on. This technical teaching has to be funny, relaxed, but very serious. The teaching is slow, and the problem is always the same: our enthusiastic rookies can’t walk, but they want to run! But we know how to control them.   

I don’t have to pamper the bound girl. It’s her lover’s task. I’m just there to supervise the way he is doing it, and to teach him how he can do that, why he has to do this, and why he mustn’t do something else. Look at the picture, I introduce you Caroline, a young trainee. You should have seen her boyfriend this night… so busy… so concerned… so in love with her.

 It took my husband a while to show him how to do safe knots for the girl’s wrists, or why her tits should be tied this way, and how to follow an illustrated tutorial for a safe crotch roping. I got to insist on the most basic safety rules: does she want some water or maybe a sugar? Dehydration and hypoglycemia happen fast during BDSM sessions. Does she feel a faint numbness in her arms? She can’t stay for more than 20 minutes with her hands over her head. Uh, oh, look, her tits are becoming red, you got to release them in a few minutes.

But his reward was great: the smile of Caroline, and this single drop of pussy’s juice rolling on her thigh… When he started to play with her pussy, the stars the girl had in her eyes were so beautiful. And when at last he began to lick her cunt, she climaxed almost immediately. A long, solemn orgasm, her body was shaking like a cliff rammed by the waves of the ocean.

How many sessions to teach a couple the basis of safe bondage? It depends, maybe seven or eight on the average. But it’s not a chore, neither for us, nor for them.  And after? What if they are desirous to make their first steps in the beautiful realm of sadomasochism? It doesn’t automatically happen. In fact, it’s not frequent.

Besides, introducing a couple to SM imply a deep change into the way you’re teaching. You’re quite passive when you guide a pair of pupils in matter of domination/submission. You don’t have to get involved into something sexual; you’re just here to make some suggestions. Obviously, you got to be far more active when you give them a bondage lesson, yet, even if you are giving directives and keeping the things under control, you’re only  a technical advisor, not an actual sex partner.

On the contrary, in matter of punishments it can be really hazardous to rely on words when you want to explain or show something. You have to illustrate your suggestions in a concrete way. It’s the same for bondage of course, but you don’t have to touch the body of the submissive girl very frequently. Besides there’s no ambiguity, the contact between the tutor’s hand and the slave’s body isn’t a sexual caress.

Yet, try to explain how to whip a breast: if you don’t show  by yourself to show how it has to be done, you can be sure that the poor submissive will not appreciate to be transformed into a punching-ball during the time it will take to her lover to understand the sense of “less intense”, “keep the same pace”, “stay away from the nipple”, “with the whip’s tip only”, and so on. No drill. It’s for real, immediately, take your chance or leave it!

Helping the couple of rookies to write his own storyline, or being a technical advisor, doesn’t suffice anymore. You have to become a co-writer, an assistant director, and an actress (or actor) as well. For us, I mean for Alain and I, we just can’t be there, looking at it from a distance, and yelling orders. It’s not us. So, we have a choice: else we get sexually involved with this other couple, else we have to decline.

We seldom take the first option. Anyway, if we feel comfortable with them, if they are really nice, in one word, if we sincerely befriend them, this could happen. But our rules prevail: we are not “natural” swingers. Or I rather say that we like to swing only with our oldest friends.

Then, the best way to teach how to handle the numerous restraints inherent to SM, and to show how to punish a woman properly, is to have our own sadomasochistic delights under the trainees’ eyes We are making love on our own (if you think that BDSM is something else than a way to make love, stop reading this topic), and then they will have sex together, period.

They first look at us, l always shoulder the submissive role, my husband the dominant’s one, and we comment what we are doing. Then we leave the torture post to our pupils! But before they could have fun, we talk with them of the storyline they have in mind, and we don’t hesitate to be a little bit bossy.

We stay near them while the dominant is punishing his or her lover. We’re there to prevent any inconsequent gesture, or to correct a bad technique. The most difficult part is to teach to an apprentice master how to modulate the intensity of a punishment: from the slave point of view, sadomasochism is a pleasure booster as long as she can keep the balance between the arousal and the discomfort of the pain. 

We can even order a master to stop the game, temporarily or for good, if we feel that the slave isn’t enjoying it, of if the tormentor doesn’t seem to control the situation. Sometimes we also have to calm down the slave if she is too ambitious. It’s quite frequent. The kinetic energy of a pleasurable SM party blurs the sense of what’s possible here and today. Making progress, becoming a better submissive or an experienced dominant is an evolutionary process. I push people a little bit further than they think they can actually go. I prevent them to act foolishly.

By being taught in BDSM you may give a chance to your couple to enjoy having sex together for many, many, many years. I strongly believe that as a married woman you can’t be satisfied with only classic sexual intercourses over the course of the years. Sex is a wonderful potentiality which enhances the strength of the bonds that unite you to your life partner. But it’s only an opportunity. If you don’t exert you creativity - and kinky games are the apex of sex inventiveness – it will fade and eventually wane.  

I stop there, time for me to take my man’s lightsabre into my sheath… whoosh…. zeeeem… zaaaam… oh yes, oh yessss, oh, ooooooh… J

Play safe; Jadoo

And now a little gift by me, Anna


Bernie, a cool cat from Geneva, asked me one day if outdoor cannibalistic sex amusements were more risky than indoor games. Apart from catching a cold if you got the strange idea to be eaten somewhere in Alaska during the winter, I don’t think they are particularly unsafe.  

The practice of kinky sex games outdoor will of course implies some “technical” special features. However, the main concern is relative to sex activities in an open location. But as long as it doesn’t take place in a public place like a town, a village, or industrial outskirts, you will find a lot of lost sites where you can quietly put into practice your favorite sport.

I will not insult my readers by discussing of the dark version of exhibitionism. Yes, sadly, some guys are showing their genitals to innocent people, women and men alike, including children. On my opinion, they are nothing more than sex assaulters, they forced unwilling people to face something sexual.  

Let those bastards to their own shit. Hopefully, a lot of couples perform the harmless and responsible form of exhibitionism, although the term exhibitionism is an inappropriate figure of speech. Who could resist to the enjoyment of making love in the woods during a sunny summer? It’s safe, relative to nudism, I call that sex naturism.

Is it risky? Not really, because your purpose is not to be seen, and it will hardly ever happens provided that you’re cautious. Your intention isn’t to offend people. You’re just happy with the wind on your naked body, and the fake fear of the “I could get caught”, knowing that you won’t get caught. My husband often makes me smile, saying “when you see a wood you start gushing”. Quite true.

No greater fun than rambling nude in the forest, making love in the bushes, or just getting a tan fully naked. I offer my bare body to the sun and the stars, the trees and the desert, the birds and all living creatures but humans, except for the ones I love. It’s a world without restraints, a place where bodies are glorified.

There, saints make love, and sinners are abstinent. Countryside – the wilder, the better – is like the Walhalla for people passionate by love and sex. Yes, give me a forest, and I will love my man from sunrise to sunset, or I will become the Red Riding Hood offering her body to a wild cannibal warrior, unless I become Red Sonja fucking her slave… 

 In the same time, I enjoy the thrill of a fake fear, because I know that nobody will see me. It’s exactly the same when I’m looking at a horror movie: I like to get scared by the big bad werewolf because I know this isn’t for real. Fake fear is like a sextoy: turn on the power, and you can use it the way you want. When you’re tired of it, you turn it off.

I am a huge fan of these falsely perilous situations. I think that the “I could (but won’t) get caught” thing, with the little chill on my brow and the instantaneous flooding in my pussy, plays an important role in my fondness for sex naturism. 

Prepare your little adventure. A good backpack is a light backpack: a blanket, some food (I know, the piglet can walk by herself) and a lot of water, a first aid kit, whatever, all you need to take a long stroll in the nature. A word of advice: even if you know well the place you will explore, take a local trek’s map, and your cell phone.

Finding a remote corner in some God’s forsaken place isn’t so difficult.  If it’s possible, favor a place you already know, it will spare you a lot of time. Favor wooden areas or rocky ones, even bushy grounds, and find some boondocks nearby. From there, keep away from major roads. Take secondary roads first, then leave the car after the last isolated dwellings and cultivated parcels. Afoot, take little forest paths, and leave them after a while. Don’t get lost, keep your pinpoints in mind.

You ought to explore slowly and cautiously your environment first, use your eyes, and your hears. Scout cautiously the ground and seek the right place. Once you think you’ve found it, let a backpack there, and try to look at it from a distance, and then closer: if you can’t make out the rucksack, you got the ideal spot! Of course, thick vegetation, bushes, and dense woods, should help greatly.  

Yet, seldom, some wanderers may well see you even if they’re not spying on you. In such a case, stand still and quiet, nine times out of ten, this person will look the other way and move away. People tend to consider that you and your spouse have the right to make love in open-air as long as you’re not really exhibiting yourself: no offence given, none taken. 

Rarely, a guy will not just peek, he will hide himself and watch. You have two options. You can ignore him, and keep on playing. Or you can leave the place. As long as this person don’t bother you by getting closer enough to become a real nuisance, I think you don’t have to get angry and shout him to buzz off. 

Among people practicing safe exhibitionism, you will quickly get promoted to head monkey if you don’t understand that from time to time voyeurs could be parts of the game. It happened to us a couple of times (in 17 years) to be observed by a guy while we were making love outdoor. No hard feelings, they always kept a low profile, I suppose they just had a good time watching us. To be honest, I felt myself quite excited to think they were stroking their cocks and enjoying the show.

Anyway, such incidents are very rare. And they are never serious. Onlookers are never a threat, don’t pay heed to them, or even invite them to get closer if this stimulates you! Having sex in front of their eyes is a better idea than brawling under the pines…

Yet, this contingency isn’t a real concern. The main problem in sex naturism is time. Reaching your playground will take some time. And after a couple of hours making love, at the very moment you are so excited that all becomes possible, when at least you’re both consumed  by erotic madness… it’s time to go home!       

The best way to prevent this frustration - if you don’t have the chance to live near your  naturist hiding place - is to take a lover’s week-end with your spouse. Also, as a woman, sometimes I need to be alone with my hubby, as well as he needs to have me just for himself. I think that all happily married people will understand us. A couple of days enjoying wild sex outdoor  will remind you that you’re above all a pair of lovers, not just two room-mates.

Prepare your bawdy escapade, send the children to Grandma’s, and let’s go! The best way is backpacking camping. Not in a camp but in the countryside or in a forest. Of course, the bags are heavier, but it’s really rousing to spend two or three days naked, enjoying the beauties of Mother Nature, and having fun like the pair of nymphomaniac people you are.

If you don’t have to keep an eye on your watch, you will discover that your libido explodes to such a level that at some point, classic sex caresses are like crackers and peanuts, they  tease you appetite but won’t satisfy your hunger. When you have sex outdoor, after a while the erotic craving grows into such frenzy that practicing kinky sex games is almost unavoidable.

Naughty games, dirty things, bondage, sado-masochism, it’s all the same. It’s like in Jaws (the movie), you need a bigger boat! Weird and harsh ways to have sex are suited for such wild hungers, and the primeval environment pushes you to act as primitive lovers.

No taboos, no guilt, only a Woman and a Man in the first dawn of the world, two souls in one,  two bodies burning in the blaze of their weird desires. It’s pointless to try to calm down, this erotic fever is unappeasable, because your love for each other sweetly whispers to your hears that quenching your thirst will only make you wonderfully thirstier.  

Fake cannibalistic sex games are perfect to satisfy your urge for tough and kinky blisses. In dire sex needs, the weirder and harsher the game, the more intense the orgasms. Furthermore, there’s an obvious psychological connection between natural environments and safe cannibalism. In my thinker, the words “cannibalism & sex” always ring two bells: I see my private dungeon, or a forest!

 The mental image of a dense forest often triggers something sexual in my mind. I don’t know why. I think it’s relative to the unknown, the restricted field of vision. Or maybe am I aroused by the fake fear of “cartoons-style cannibals” roaming this woods. It’s all about capture, mock rape, sado-masochistic games, and eventually the wonderful fun of being harmlessly cooked and eaten.      

When my husband tied me up to a tree, when he sets up the stove and take the little bottle of olive oil out of the backpack, I am overwhelmed by a wave of ecstatic expectation about what will happen next and I start to moan a feverish “oh yes, yes, cook  them , eat them” when he begins to bind my tits.

Of course, in open-air, bringing heavy bdsm devices on location is impossible so you have to content yourselves with mock anthropophagic sex games that involve seasoning your lover with hot food or gently roasting some body parts of your prey over a camp stove. Those basic versions of fake cannibalism are absolutely not debased adaptations of the stuff: I believe that simplicity is an inherent characteristic of naturist sex, and is part of its charms.

Nonetheless, playing outdoor don’t change anything to the basic safety rules. I know, I’m a lot like your old cousin Jane who bores you to death about her latest crush every time she pays you a visit! However, if you can’t do it safely, don’t do it at all. Once again, improvisation will lead you to approximations in matter of security. This is especially true when mock cannibal sex is part of the festivities.

How can you deal with that? Well, you got your first aid kit, but don’t forget to take your first sex kit with you! You don’t need to rent a mule and make her carry a 100 lbs. container full of dildos. Besides, you don’t need a mule. You have a husband. Then, share the tasks: you will prepare the sexy stuffs and he will carry this precious load. J

I am kidding. No, it’s quite easy to take with you a couple of carefully selected sextoys, a tube of lube, a rope, a pair of handcuffs, ankles restraints, and so on. Regarding the future preparation of your sexy dinner, some condiments, a little vial of olive oil, a stove, etc., won’t be a burden. Neither bulky, nor heavy, your first sex kit will prevent you to try disastrous improvisations, and to commit stupid mistakes. Besides, preparing your backpacks will become something incredibly exciting, trust me!  
  Play safe. Jadoo


Today I'll talk about orgies. But not the classical orgies that consist in getting bored with strangers. I remember the few visits we paid to a reputed swingers’ club in Paris, a long time ago. How disappointing…

The possibility of choosing a partner is limited. You are pushed to select them among people who are not necessarily desirable. Even if a beautiful woman or a handsome man is desirous to have sex with you, you don’t know her (or him), you know nothing about her sexual performances, or her tastes, not to mention her sincere desire to make you hit your peak.

Furthermore, the post-coital syndrome always strikes hard. Nine times out of ten, the sad fact is that your so-called «lover» was just using you as a human sextoy. Au contraire, sex parties among friends are very different. Selflessness as opposed to selfishness. The best way to talk about that is to describe how we organized our last Easter sex party.

Why an Easter sex party anyway? Well, it’s a tradition: it's been years that we organize thematic sex orgies five or six times a year. And why Easter? As for me, because this is the period of the year where I feel most excited. There’s a connection between the coming of spring and my increased sexual arousal. I feel myself full of energy, full of love for my husband, and full of tenderness for my friends.

Who are they? We met Yolande and Thomas 14 years ago. Yoyo is an adorable girl, from Lille, while Tom, born and raised in Berlin, and is a discrete but exalted guy, like my man is. Birgit and Jean are more recent friends, we met them in Hamburg in 2010, and they eventually moved to Paris three years ago. Spending time with these four big friends is something I love. Truly, the important thing for me and my man is the “with whom” aspect.

I think it should be the same for every woman or man interested in orgies. If you are able to answer positively to the question “would you like to spend the weekend with these people without having sex with them ?” then you will probably enjoy some unforgettable moments. Gathering a band of lustful persons adept in dirty games doesn’t suffice. I’m OK to be prepared, roasted, and eaten, as long as the cooks are my hubby and my friends.

In France, Easter automatically implies a long weekend, from Saturday to Monday.  As our second home, where the parties usually take place, is only one hour drive from Paris this allows us to get three full days for sex, and friendship. Apart from organizational problems, which can be easily solved with common sense (my daughter = with her grandma J) the key to the success of a week-end sex party is the guideline that will prevail.

It’s better to base your sex games on a broad theme, but you can’t be too specific. Without a theme, it will be a mess, and anarchy leads to failure. On the other hand a too narrow theme won’t allow you to relax: don’t try to shoulder a role for three days in a row. Besides, if you are able to play a role for that long, either you're a professional actor, either you need a therapist.

Our husbands are smart men who know how to love us and respect us. They often leave us determine the overall theme of the weekend orgy. Probably because I'm a feminist, I have always felt that in matter of sex games involving several people, women have to be the ones who will suggest something because they are more able than men to manage complex social interactions. Women propose something first, and in turn men have the opportunity to develop this proposal.
Regarding sex games, week-end parties are also the best moment to introduce something new or to try something different. We are experienced in dirty and kinky games. With the years it’s more and easier to conceive something and having it come out just that way. This time, nothing new on the blackboard, except for Yoyo who was thrilled by the idea of wearing a piggy mask during her preparation for cooking. A long pig looking like a pig, oh well, that makes sense! 

We know each other for a long time, so it’s easy to choose a theme that everyone will love. For this party we selected some simple ideas: subjugation of women by men, based on consensual sadomasochism and mock cannibalism. But kinky games are just part of the fun: what about more classic pleasures? It was obvious that as usual we would favor Sapphic sex between women. Like me, Yolande and Birgitt are genuine bisexuals, and our orgies are a good way to satisfy our fondness for clits’ eating. But don’t think that we despise our men during such bacchanalias. If my hubby comes to me with his erected penis, I definitely won’t look the other way!

We all arrived on Friday evening. Even if we frequently hear from them, it is always a pleasure to see how your friends are getting on. We have so much to tell that sex is not an immediate concern, although it quickly becomes obvious that we are here to fuck.

During the dinner, Alain caressed my thigh and my pussy under the table. He’s so tender and caring, and he’s such an expert at stroking my clit that at some point during the meal i felt so horny that i couldn’t hold myself : I undressed and I stood naked in front of everyone. It was like a call: time for sex! There’s a psychological rule to follow. Always start by making love with your man. This shows him that he is the one you love, and that sexual frolics you will have thereafter won’t change anything to this.

After this warm-up, we went into a room, Yoyo, Brigitte, and I, to have sex together. Tactful as they are, our husbands didn't ask to look at us, even if having voyeurs around me don’t bother me at all. For a true bisexual like me, making love with women isn’t just about sex. It’s also about paying my tribute to Sappho; it’s an ode to femininity. And when nipples cuddling rhymes with pussy eating, when a tender kiss is the counterpoint to an orgasmic groan, you always got a moment of unbridled fun.  

I slept like a baby, waking up in top form the next morning. Obviously, it is impossible to have sex continuously during three days. Apart from physical exhaustion, mental saturation leads to stop everything after a few hours. Even if an sex party involves prolonged physical effort, this is not a competition, it must be a pleasure shared by all. The best way to preserve your desire and your strength is to crisscross sexual activities with times of relaxation, walks, visits to interesting sites, etc.

But it is better to keep your pussy wet. These quiet episodes must be quite naughty. An example: you can stay chatting with your friends, watching a movie, provided it is your personal porn videos. Or you can decide that when you will go for a ride in the woods, the girls will be naked. This first morning, our men decided (as the theme was “women will be dominated”…) that during our walk in town the women will have to walk with an anal plug inserted into their asses.

Something is striking your fancy? Don’t dream about it, just do it! It’s fairly exciting to buy huge veggies at the local grocery while thinking that in a few hours your poor dilated asshole will be filled by something far bigger… And looking at Birgit’s who couldn’t stop from wriggling at the bakery was quite funny! 

After a quick lunch (thank you Mac Donald!) we have a more consistent meal: three happy piglets doomed to be punished and cooked by three hungry wolves. Our beloved tormentors are lazy smart men.  While one of us (I mean the girls) was tortured by one of the guys, another one has to help the two male cooks to prepare the third girl for “roasting” or “boiling”. We are skillful bdsm’ers and we know that the active/passive ratio can’t be less than 1:1. Otherwise, the slaves are left to themselves too frequently and they can’t enjoy the fun of the game. 

Of course there was a rotation, the girl on the torture post was supposed to replace the assistant cook, who consecutively was scheduled to be eaten. And the hapless victim, still panting from her orgasms, nibbled, sucked, holes wide open, in spite of being covered with oil, sauce, sperm and pussy’s liquor, was immediately tied to the torture rack! Where she can take a little rest. Being roasted and eaten is a so great physical challenge (orgasms too) that the prey has to recover for a while.

Believe me, it was a wonderful afternoon. For me, being tortured by an expert master is even more enchanting when I can see another woman on the “spit” and when I can hear her moaning because she’s enjoying it. After a while, the pain in my bound tits was so good, Alain’s tongue flickering on my clitoris was so divine, the view of Birgit turning slowly on our roasting device while Yoyo and Tom were poking her tits with a fork was so arousing, that I couldn’t help it: I had an orgasm! Much to my delight and embarrassment, because a gasping assistant cook isn’t really helpful

But I’m a long distance runner, so I quickly get better. Moreover, preparing Yolande for pot cooking is something I really enjoyed. The way she reacts to the most basic stimulations is always incredibly exciting. When I basted her pussy with olive oil, she jumped each time the brush touched her clit! And as I started massaging her cunt with soft pepper she was puffing so hard that I was soaked wet again.

Inserting a nice peeled zucchini into Yoyo’s asshole wasn’t a big deal, but even if I’ve done that so many times, I’m always very cautious and never brutal. Stuffing a piglet has to be a pleasure for her. I’m the queen of fist-fucking, so I know a lot about vaginal or anal dilations. And I know Yolande so well too! With her it’s “anus first, pussy next”: she likes it in that order. With her anus filled, she surreptitiously tried to play with her clit. Bad, bad piggy! I calmed her enthusiasm down with a nice carrot that I slowly inserted into her snatch.

While Alain and Tom was tying her I kept myself busy by sucking the cook’s cocks, clandestinely caressing my clit at the same time. My husband is a bitch: “hey, show your hands”. Bad, bad future piggy! So I found myself handcuffed. A future roast has to keep her button hard, but mustn’t climax before she is chomped.

It wasn’t easy, looking at Yoyo in the pot - and obviously enjoying being cooked – thrilled me so hard that I felt some kind of pulses in my throbbing bean. And this delicious thought “in a moment it’ll be my turn… gosh… can’t wait!” oh my God, believe me, for a submissive like me, waiting is the hardest part.

Moreover, Yolande is a slut, she always begs for one or two additional minutes! The last minutes in the pot can be a little bit painful or not, depending on the desires of the piglet, but as safety is vital; she won’t feel any real discomfort during her cooking. She can delight the hot cannibal bath, the phallic things filling her holes, the little pain of a fork poking her tits, the contact of the vegetables brushing against her body, and above all, the certainty of being consumed by the gods of oral sex themselves.

I was rewarded with one of Yoyo’s tits. I sucked it voraciously; I love to pump a tit deep in my mouth, swallowing the much of this tender flesh as I can, and then tenderly chewing on it. As Alain was feasting on the other boob, we frequently smiled at each other, and this made me even hornier. And when Tom is eating her wife’s pussy, he always gives her all what he got, and he has much to give… Yolande isn’t a silent girl when she hit the stars, I suppose that the locals heard her climaxing from a mile away…   

Who was next on the menu? Me! When I’m planned to be tied on the spit and then barbecued I’m the most enthusiastic piglet you’ve ever seen. Especially with a trio of creative cooks. Stuffing and seasoning first. I love being dilated, but when I got something huge in one of my holes, I prefer having something not too big into the other one. Of course, taking an eggplant into my asshole was somewhat painful, but I’m a masochist, and a perfectly dosed pain  (an excruciating one would be purposeless) in my erogenous zones acts as an orgasm’s catalyst. Besides, Alain is so skillful, and so careful…

Ass and pussy stuffed? Check! Tits coated with mustard? Check! Pussy oiled and salted? Check! Jadoo trussed and safely fastened on the heating device? Check! Let the roasting begins!  My point of view is that a good ride on the spit is tougher but more exciting than a long stay in the pot. In the both cases, heat wraps your body and makes your erogenous zones more sensitive. On the other hand, you feel that your body is “roasting” within seconds, while in the cauldron that feeling appears only after several minutes.

On the spit, the thermic wave under your body is moderate but real and it makes your clit and nipples harder, bigger, and more reactive. This emollient effect put you on the verge of climax. As it’s very easy to modulate the intensity of the heat source I prefer the temperature to be adjusted so that at the beginning it’s intense but tolerable. As the cooking progress, I love to have the temperature becoming gradually more intense, and eventually a bit painful at the end.

Dangerous things are never a part of the plan. Exceeding the safety margins is impossible, so I will never feel an unbearable – and thus sexually useless – pain. This is the way i like it : an incredible treat from the first seconds , the feeling of being really roasted immediately. A mild roasting can last for 15 minutes. With five additional minutes if you like it tough. This is the maximum not to exceed so the game remains safe. But being maintained in a pre-orgasmic state during 20 minutes it's almost having an orgasm in slow motion that will last for 20 minutes. 

And that gives you the certainty of having a series of final explosions whose intensity will be unmatched  when you’ll be devoured. Once again, mock cannibalism is about oral sex, a harsh version of it, that included some sadomasochistic aspects, but basically it’s about being licked as no uninitiated woman could imagine being so. You don’t climax:  you nuke the whole fucking galaxy. You don’t moan:  you scream. You can’t stop, it doesn’t last for a minute, and it comes and goes and come back, like the waves on the shore.

After an afternoon spent fucking like bitches in heat, pushing our sexual limits to their maximum, It was necessary to rest and stay quiet for a few hours. Moreover, these hours during which "we talk about the game," so to speak, are a time of love and brotherhood which wouldn’t deprive myself under any circumstances. And a good meal is the best way to regain strength. Besides, after being the main course, having something on your own plate is always nice.

This does not prevent us to spend two hours between girls in a room after the meal. We made love tenderly, slowly, silently. It’s a nice way to kiss good night. One of my favorite times after an orgy, is when I go to bed. I snuggled against my husband, we kiss, we smile, and at the very moment I close my eyes, I know in every atom of my being why I love him so much.

Telling you the two days that followed would be too long. Just know that on Monday night, when we all went to Paris, we all had in our hearts a feeling of tenderness towards each other. And we all had the same desires: to meet again soon, not necessarily to fuck but also that the next orgy happens very quickly.

In the field of swinging and orgies, do not expect much of unknown couples. Befriend them first. Learn to know them. Take your time. Will they be valuable friends ? Are they people you can trust? Build your relationship with them. When there is friendship, sex comes naturally to the mutual satisfaction of all partners. And you will avoid the bitterness for having offered your body to people who didn't deserve this gift. Your body is the temple of your heart, don't desecrate it.

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