My dearest friends, cannibals or pot/spit companions, here you'll find some photostories with or without Anna like the main character.

Anna and the cannibals. 
Well, I know, not a very much different title!

An old Playboy

A very short story

The story of Gina.

A short story by my dearest chef Dodge

Two one pic stories by my friend Erik

By the Marvellous Dodge!

Another story by Dodge

Anna on menu, by Dodge

Katelin soup by Dodge

The cook cooks by Dodge10

Santa's gift by Dodge10

Roasting the Turkey! A sequence from a movie.
To the spit.
First turns of rope!
 Half way.
Time to bind the last half of the well plucked turkey.
 A little help is needed.
The turkey is happy to start the cooking.
Turning around... 
 and around...
Perhaps the turkey is not so happy to be roasted alive: an onion is the best to close her beak! 
 A close view of the onion.
 No, actually the turkey is not happy now!