Where the Cannibals hunt free!

A short but hot story!

A never finished story, alas!

"Friendlies". A gift by our so kind and tender Sveta.

"Fattening Gabriella"
A tale from the Fairy World by our friende Sveta.

A 17 years old Anna and the Cannibals.
A photostory.


A two toons story.

The mountain of the Cannibal God.
An other version. Idea by Khalid, design by Andrea&Ale.

Anna and the cook.

Not cannibal but very good indeed! By a new Italian chef

A NEW story by the fabulous Ehes Farkas

Anna and daughter
(based on an original story by mamabliss)

Anna and Sveta in Mixed stew by Ehes Farkas. A story stated again!