Written stories.

The fattening of a hen.

The White Hen's day begins as her cage is rattled. It is time for her first meal! She is given food every 3 hours during the day. A young man is assigned to feed her; he brought some friends. They oogle Anna as he opens the cage and pulls her out; her hands are well tied behind her back, a rope around her neck. Her big tits jiggle as she walk out on her knees. The youth grins and fills a bowl with wet grains and veggies, while Anna haplessly looks up at him and says: Please, sir(despite the youth being almost a boy and she a mature dignified lady- or she WAS), please, this White Hen is still full since last night! He scowls and slaps her tits with a rod.-Bad hen! The white hen is just causing trouble, white hens are always hungry! That's why they are fat and weak! He and the other men laugh, then he winks and says:-The hungry hen wants special sauce on her grain, is all! But me good hen-watcher! Brought many friends to make sauce! He releases Anna's hands and pulls his dick out of the dick-sheath, made of piggy-sin and decorated with colourful feathers.-Now lick and suck cock, little hen!-No, please, no, its so disgusting, Anna wails-Hen wants cock, white hen really slutty, all white hens are, he saysand grins as he slaps her tit with his rod.-Ough! No please sir, I'll suck sir's cock! And Anna takes the cock and licks the glans, looking up for approval. The black youth nods and moans.-Good hen, now suck it! Anna cries and big tears fall as she takes the cock in her mouth and start sucking, pumping up and down.-Ah, good hen, give it some more, my brother! Another of the youths nods enthusiastically and goes behind Anna, where he probes with his fingers her cunt and ass. Her cunt is swollen with much fucking but no cumming because of the dreadful potion made by the witchdoctor, which makes it impossible to cum! He slaps it, then he removes his dick-sheath and slides her dick in, and he fucks Anna hard as she sucks big black cock. An orgasm slowly swells in Anna, but her cunt and clit are like numb and she cannot reach it. However, she feels her guard about to cum in her mouth. She knows this is not what he wants, so she pulls it out and pants, bereft of breath, as He milks his cum down onto her fattening meal. She cries and sobs and her tears salt the grain and vegetables.-Now now what hen say! he says and pulls her hair hard and painful.-Oh please, thanks for white sauce from great big sir! This hen so grateful!-Oh, I am so good to hen! He kisses her forehead almost gently as his friend pulls out his dick from Anna's throbbing pussy. The other youth steps up and Anna milks his cock, glistening with her smelly cunt juice, into her morning meal, as the third boy steps up and rams his dick into her ass. It is even bigger than the others, for which he is often taunted. The women don’t really want his big dick, it is too big! But the White Hen kept for the king's supper, she cannot protest. Anna wails and the men laugh at her and point their fingers.-Start eating, white hen! And Anna knows that if she does, she might get a reward... so she buries her head in the bowl and gobbles up the fattening food and her rapists' sperm and her own cunt juice like a beast while her asshole is stretched. As expected, the hen-warden is pleased. So he tells Anna to lay down on her back. She obediently does, and as he orders her to, she cackles and squeaks like a big, fat, white bird as he gently rubs her clit with his naked, strong foot. Oh, she cannot get an orgasm, true, but this is some pleasure while not being raped and hurt! Little does she know this exact process is prescribed by Chef Kibo to make White Hens' clits extra ripe, tender and juicy... that she is helped to prepare herself for becoming her true fate: a great meal for the Cannibal King!
Every three hours, Anna gets grain and vegetables, rich in carbs to make her fat. Every time, she gets fucked in ass and pussy, poked and pinched and taunted, and is made to orally please men and sometimes women (when the man who takes care of her wants to make love to her girlfriend, she has to work them over first, and then they fuck on the floor in front of the hen-cage - but no orgasm for the plump white hen, as for the hen-warden and his woman, who scream with lust as they convulse in front of the poor meat animal Anna).In the evening, she is led on her knees with her leash to the kitchen to be weighed and measured. As she pass through the village, men and women and children stop and point to her, pinch her and slap her ass, squeeze her tits. Such a fat hen! Such a horny hen! The king is lucky, I wish I was king and could eat tits and pussy like that! Now now, if you are a good little boy you might do that when you grow up! In the big kitchen she can see the big pots and pans, knives and forks, and the heads and other trophies of the white hens and cows and piggies made into delicious meals. She has been carefully told how they might be used on her, which has made her scream in horror and beg for mercy and cry like a little girl. Some of what she was told was lies, but it all caused her pain and misery and the cannibals find this very funny, ha ha ha, silly white hen! Kibo makes her stand on a big set of scales. He notes her weight on a pad. On the pad is Anna's photo, her former name when she was a proper white lady and not a fat silly hen for cooking, her date of birth and other important numbers. To this is added her weight and measurements, as Kibo uses a measuring tape to see how big her ass, belly and thighs are. He also pulls it around her tits and squeezes them. They are growing and itching! Anna might be a hen, but she does not give any eggs - but soon she will give milk! This is because of the witch-doctor's herbal potions. Finally, he uses pipes and tongs to measure the size of her ass and pussy. They must be much extended for cooking! Anna wants to please Kibo. He wants her to be a good meal, and if the boys mistreat her too much he gets angry. While Kibo loves torturing a white woman and bring her down to being just a hen, he loves even more to cook a good meal. Hence, he will angrily defend her and if she pleases him she gets it better. He even rubs her gently on her swollen clit, though she can of course not come, and gives her morsels of real food, not disgusting fattening gruel seasoned with the sperm of horny teenagers. Because of this, when Kibo tells Anna she is getting big and plump, Anna squeals like a little girl and claps her hands, thanking Kibo. She willingly tries to please him sexually, begging to suck his cock or lick his balls, or, Kibo's favorite, rub his cock between her big, white soft tits. (No woman in the tribe will do this. It is considered very shameful and low, no good woman will do it, only the lowest sluts. Yet Kibo likes it so much, and he can only get it from a white hen like Anna.) She thanks him for making her a hen and fattening her, and tells him that she wants to taste great for the King, being a great meal. All this is just lies, Anna is full of horror. But she lies, and it makes her life in the cage more pleasant. Though sometimes, she thinks maybe she starts to feel she is a plump hen to cook for the King... maybe she is almost forgetting she is a proper and serious housewife, not a sex toy and a tortured meal for savagecannibals...

Anna and the pot.
By Luvgirlmeat.
Anna trekked thru the dense undergrowth of the jungle. She had been exploring this part of Africa for several months now, without success. She was here on a grant to study what had been described in the literature as an ancient civilization. One that disappeared without a trace hundreds of years ago. She had contracted with several local guides to help her in her quest to find a long abandoned city of this civilization that existed in local lore.
But now they had left her. Left her alone in this dark place without guidance or any help at all, for that matter. They all left when she insisted on exploring an area far outside the guides’ areas of knowledge. She was sure that the city could be found there, if only someone would look. But the locals were petrified of the area. Stories of inhabitants of this place and their penchant for eating human flesh caused fear and an uproar among her guides and porters. They refused to go. She insisted. They quit. Now here she was carrying what supplies she could through the jungle, trying to find clues to the lost city. She walked slowly, weighed down by the supplies she was forced to carry. Her khaki pants and shirt were soaked through with sweat. It dripped down her brow and into her eyes. And she could feel it running down her chest, between her large, full breasts. Each step was an ordeal.
Something wasn’t right, however. Anna had begun to get the feeling that she was being watched. She nervously turned her head right and left, looking for signs not only of the hidden city, but of the hidden eyes she was sure were gazing at her. Noises in the bushes made her start, and she began to walk faster. But it wasn’t easy. The supplies were heavy, and she was tired. Anna heard rustling behind her…then in front. She turned this way and that to match the sound from the jungle. But she could see nothing. Then, cracks of breaking twigs were all around her, and the bushes exploded in forms running toward her. Big, dark forms. Anna dropped the supplies and tried to run. But she turned directly into one of the charging men. She looked up at him, startled. He was so big!!!
Her face crashed into the man’s chest. He looked down at her. His eyes had no hint in them that he was looking at another human being. He seemed to see her as something less. He grabbed hold of Anna, and held her fast. Soon she felt what seemed to be a dozen hands on her. She looked around, terrified, at the other men. How many were there? It was hard to tell. Their hands grabbed hold of her arms, legs, and waist. Other hands roughly tore her garments from her body. She struggled, but there were too many hands, and too strong. She was captured.
Quickly, her hands were tied in front of her with a long vine. The same was done to her feet. Anna was pushed to the ground and held there on her back. She looked up at her captors, all tall, black, well muscled…and naked. As she gazed upward she couldn’t help but see their large penises. “My God…they’re huge!” she thought. Each man had at least eight inches of meat hanging between his legs. They all seemed to point down at her. Their testicles were enormous as well. Huge bags hanging from their groins, each with what appeared to be two walnuts inside. “Oh, God, no…” Anna thought. “They are going to rape me!! With those?!?!?”
A long branch of a nearby tree was pulled down and stripped of its foliage. The wooden pole was pushed between Anna’s feet and hands, and two of the men hoisted her into the air. They placed the pole on their massive muscular shoulders and the whole group moved away through the jungle. They walked single file along a trail, so all Anna could see was the buttocks of the man in front of her as she swung to and fro. His ass was thick and muscular, and glistened of sweat. She tried to communicate with the man behind her, but he paid her no mind. She asked who they were and what they wanted. She begged him to let her go. All to no avail. She could only see the grin on his face as they walked. An evil smile.
They walked for what seemed like hours. Anna’s wrists and ankles were raw and painful. Eventually she could hear voices in the distance. The voices got louder, and seemed to take on an excited quality. She could tell there were men, women and children ahead. It must be a village. The jungle suddenly gives way to a clearing. Anna now can see the sky unobscured by the tall trees and brush. She looks from side to side and can see small thatched huts before being surrounded by the villagers. They pointed, and poked at Anna as the men carried her to the center of the clearing. There they dropped her unceremoniously onto the hard ground, where the villagers gathered around her.  They spoke a language she didn’t understand. Anna was fluent in many of the region’s dialects, but this one bore very little resemblance to anything she had heard. From their actions, Anna could tell that the villagers were very excited to see her.
Men, women and children pushed in close to the prostrate captive. One or another of them would poke or knead her supple flesh and smile, or excitedly speak to others nearby. Anna had already seen several of the men. It seemed the rest were much the same. Tall, muscular, dark and naked. Their long, thick cocks hung far down their thighs. Even the young men and boys had overly large penises. The youngest that Anna could see was only about 4 or 5yrs old. But his penis was at least 5inches long already. The women were also tall, and beautiful. They were curvy, but still muscular. Their round hips tapered quickly to shapely legs on one side and a small, tight waist on the other. Their breasts were large, round and full, but seemed to laugh at gravity. What do they want, she wondered. Why don’t they untie me?
Suddenly, the villagers hushed their talking, and stopped their incessant poking and feeling of Anna’s body. They separated, leaving a narrow space. At the other end Anna could see another man walking toward her. And he was the biggest man she had seen yet. He must have been almost 7ft tall, she thought, and probably weighed 300lbs at least. He was enormous. And so was his cock!! My god! It had to be almost a foot long, and thicker than Anna’s forearm!!! He strode toward her confidently, looking her over closely. He grinned and said something to the men who had captured her. They seemed to be quite pleased with what he said, and they all turned and walked away.  The man, obviously the king of the tribe, came close to Anna and knelt down. His smile got even bigger and he snapped his fingers. Several of the women picked Anna up and carried her away, the villagers bounding along behind them.
Anna begged them to let her go. She tried to make eye contact with the king, and pleaded in every dialect she knew. But the women continued to carry her toward the center of the village. Once there Anna was made aware of who these people were and what they planned to do with her. A large iron pot stood in the center of the village. Several young boys and girls were making themselves busy filling it with bucket after bucket of water. Anna knew now that they were cannibals, and they intended to eat her. 
Panic struck Anna. She started shaking uncontrollably, looking for a friendly set of eyes somewhere in the crowd of savages. She only saw hungry ones. Though they leered at her with evil intentions, they seemed elated. They laughed and actually began to sing as they carried her, still on the pole, past the pot and into one of the huts. Once there they dropped her again and took the pole out from between her hands and feet. One of the women untied her ankles, and for a moment Anna thought that maybe she was mistaken. Maybe they actually were going to let her go. But the woman left after untying her feet, leaving her hands still bound. Anna remained alone in the hut for a moment…but only for a moment.
The opening to the hut was darkened by the king. He was so big that he barely fit through the door. He ducked low and walked inside, staring at Anna intently. He took hold of his massive cock with one hand and began stroking it. Anna shuddered. He was going to rape her!! His cock jumped to life almost immediately. Unbelievably, it got even longer and thicker as it hardened. He walked toward Anna, cock in hand and pushed her over on her stomach. He used his powerful hands to spread her legs despite her cries. His hands between her thighs began probing her pussy. She struggled and pleaded with him to stop, but his hands continued their assault. One of his huge fingers found its mark, pushing into her roughly. Anna’s body stiffened as he began to fuck her with his finger, her pussy becoming wet against her will.
Anna looked back over her shoulder, her hands tied tightly out in front of her. She saw him grin and pull his finger out from her leaking cunt. He put it to his nose, sniffing deeply before placing it in his mouth. He grinned wide as his eyes lit up. My God!! He was tasting her!!! He savored Anna’s juices for a moment, licking his lips. Then, without warning, he pushed the head of his huge cock into her seeping cunt. Anna jumped from the shock, but was held tightly by his strong hands on her voluptuous hips. He plunged into her deeply, forcing his cock into her hole. His hips pumped against her ass, pushing Anna’s head down into the floor with each thrust. He grunted as he drove his pulsing rod in and out of her. His hands found their way to her ass cheeks. He pulled them apart and roughly inserted a finger into her tight asshole. Anna screamed “NOOOOOO”, but it was no use. His finger found its mark, burying itself in her poor anus. He fucked her in both holes hard, his cock and finger both thrusting in and out of separate holes. She couldn’t take it. Anna began to moan as his thick cock and fingers coaxed the first orgasm from her. Her cunt clamped down on his member as she came, resulting in the same from him. He exploded what seemed like rivers of hot cum into Anna’s womb. He screamed out, pushing ever deeper into her as he spasmed.  He leaned over top of her from behind, his head directly behind hers as his cock continued filling her. Finally, his orgasm subsided. He withdrew himself from her brimming tureen with a satisfied groan. Anna’s orgasm had finished, as well. She was tired and sweaty. She laid flat on her stomach as his cum dripped out of her.
Anna heard him rustling around behind her, still kneeling between her legs. She glanced back at him again in time to see him grab her thighs with two massive hands. He pulled her back up on her knees. Anna saw him lay his fat cock on top of her ass, covered in cum and her juice. Her eyes widened when she saw him looking at her, a lascivious grin still ensconced on his face. He wasted no time. He took hold of his huge black rod and positioned it at the entrance to Anna’s ass. Anna screamed “NOOO”, and tried to crawl away. But his strong hands held her hips tightly. Her knees slid on the floor of the hut, but she made no progress away from him. With a grunt he drove his cock home, forcing it into her asshole. Pain shot through Anna’s brain as he pushed it deeper, without regard for her. In seconds his hips pushed against her butt cheeks, his cock driven in to the hilt. He grunted again as Anna screamed, his foot-long cock, as thick as her forearm was now buried in her ass. The king began panting as he pumped in and out of her stretched out hole. The pain and shock were too much for Anna. She felt she would pass out. But soon pleasure began to seep into her consciousness. His cock pistoned in and out of her, driving her higher and higher toward another shuddering orgasm.
Anna came even harder this time. She screamed in pleasure as the king continued to assault her tight ass. Her pussy squirted like a hose and she panted like a dog. Her groans and moans louder and louder as her whole body quaked. Soon the king also finished, this time emptying his balls into her asshole. His screams of pleasure melded with hers as he filled her second hole. Soon his cum was running down her thighs, his cock slowly softening inside her plump, abused ass. He collapsed on top of her, both of them breathing heavily. Anna could feel his hot breath on her neck, and his sticky cum in her cunt and ass. It was good to be king.
As she recovered she became aware of others in the hut. Her mind had been so focused on the king and his rape of her that she hadn’t noticed that the hut had filled with other men. They stood around her, watching her. Anna feared that this was it. They were coming to take her away to cook her. But they had other thoughts.
The king stood up, his cock slipping out of Anna’s well-used ass. He said something to one of the men, and quietly walked out of the hut. The men closed around her. There were young and old, but she couldn’t tell how many. But she could see their thick manhood  hanging well down their thighs. One of them began stroking his cock and it jumped to life. Soon it was in full bloom, not quite as long or thick as the king’s, but impressive nonetheless. She looked up to see a second and a third long, thick, hard cock pointing at her, and she panicked. The hut was full of dark men with cocks bigger than Anna had ever seen. They were all going to rape her!! 
The men who had been part of the hunting party that captured her were first. One of them rolled Anna over onto her back and quickly stuffed her cunt full of his meat. She screamed out, but was helpless. He began pumping her hard and fast. He rolled over onto his back, forcing Anna to impale herself on his rod. She gasped as it plunged all the way in. A second man pushed her forward, Anna’s meaty tits fell into the first man’s face, and he made sure to grab one with his teeth. As Anna squirmed and moaned the second hunter took the king’s place in her ass, his long throbbing member driving deep into her. Anna opened her mouth to scream again and a third stuffed it with another cock. Anna’s eyes were wide with shock as they began to pleasure themselves with her. Her screams now muffled by thick black cock, and held tightly by three sets of strong hands, Anna couldn’t even wiggle to try to escape.
They began grunting and groaning as they pleasured themselves with Anna. All three of her holes were jammed full of huge savage dick. Her tits were being sucked and chewed on. Their thrusts bounced her this way and that, all serving to pleasure them even more. After what seemed like an eternity, the cock in her cunt exploded. The man attached to it stiffened as he came, his teeth clamping down on Anna’s nipple. As he filled her cunt with more semen, the man in her ass followed suit. He moaned loudly and punished Anna’s asshole with several powerful thrusts. Anna’s tit pulled from the first man’s mouth, his clenched jaw first stretching the nipple and then almost biting it off as it was yanked from between his teeth. Anna’s face was pushed into the third man’s stomach, his cock now shoved far down her throat. He came almost immediately, filling her mouth with sticky, hot semen. Anna, too, began to cum again. Being used like this was horrible, but at the same time she couldn’t help herself. Her body was betraying her mind. She came hard again, shaking uncontrollably.
As they finished with her and pulled each of their softening cocks out of her, another immediately took its place. All of Anna’s holes were plugged again and again. One after another they used her, old and young, until Anna could no longer count the number of cocks in her. She orgasmed again…and again…and again. All night long they raped her. She was sure some of them used her twice…maybe three times. It didn’t really matter. Anna was tied and raped by savages. They filled her holes over and over until their cum ran freely over her body. It dripped down her legs, flowed down her chin and onto her bouncing breasts. She was practically unconscious now. The abuse and the orgasms had sapped her strength. But the men didn’t stop. On and on it went through the night.
By sun-up only a few men remained. They were having her one at a time now, as even they couldn’t keep up the pace they had set. Anna lay motionless as they fucked her, only shuddering a bit when their savage cocks forced another orgasm from her. Her cunt, ass and jaw were all incredibly sore. She must have taken a kilometer of cock in each hole. She was spent, used, and now…ready to be prepared for dinner.
After the last savage, a young boy of about 12 or 13, was finished with her, the hut was finally empty. Except for Anna, flat on her stomach on the ground, covered in cum. So much that it had pooled in places near her, under her, even on top of her. She lay motionless for a few minutes, too weak to move a muscle, groaning lightly. The abuse had been too much. It was soon to get worse.
Two men returned to the hut carrying a long pole. They slipped it through the bindings on Anna’s wrists and tied her ankles to it as well. They lifted it onto their shoulders and carried her out the same way they had carried her through the jungle yesterday. Anna swayed on the pole as they lumbered back into the forest, the villagers staring at her as they passed. Now where were they taking her, she thought. Anna could hear voices…female voices…and soon water. As they cleared the edge of the jungle she saw the river, and four women waiting on the bank, watching as the men transported her to the edge of the water. They propped Anna upright and removed the pole, and stood on the bank as the women dragged her into the river. Anna began to panic again. Were they going to drown her? But the women stopped when the water was just knee deep. They began pouring bowls full of water over her, cleaning her of the mess of the previous night. Large bags made of animal skins filled with river water were shoved into her cunt and ass. They were squeezed, pumping Anna’s holes full. The women watched as Anna voided herself. They repeated the process several times until she was clean inside and out.
Once they were finished, Anna was even more tired. The enemas drained not only her insides, but more of her remaining strength. This was by design. It wouldn’t help if their victims were able to fight too much. Better to have them passive and easy to manipulate. The men waded back into the river and mounted Anna on the pole again. They ferried her back to the village with the women clamoring behind them.
The savages were waiting for them as they returned. Their taut, muscular bodies glistening with sweat from the oppressive jungle heat. They took her to the center of the village, where the king awaited. His smiling face belied the evil he was about to release on her. She knew what was coming. The nearby pot was full of water and kindling and logs had been stacked around its base. They stood her up in front of the king. Anna pleaded for mercy in every local dialect she could think of, but it all fell on deaf ears. Anna wasn’t a person to them worthy of mercy. She was meat for dinner. The king looked her over closely, motioned to the men and they picked her up and carried her off to the joyous shouts of the villagers.
Anna looked this way and that for some friendly eyes. Why didn’t they answer her when she spoke? Anna was taken to another hut with another man and a woman waiting inside. This time it was not to enjoy her body now by raping her, it was to enjoy her body later by preparing her for the pot. She struggled as best she could, but she was tired and weak, and bound tightly hand and foot. Anna continued to beg for her life as they laid her out face up on a long table. One of the men held Anna’s hands over her head, while the other two men untied her ankles and held her feet apart at the corners of the table. Another smaller table on the other side of the hut held bowls full of herbs, spices and vegetables from the nearby jungle.
The woman glided over to Anna holding a bowl filled with vegetables. They had been skewered and a vine with aromatic leaves had been run through them. She took the first vine and tied it around Anna’s right upper arm. A second was tied around her left. More vines with vegetables were tied around her forearms, calves and thighs. Longer vines were tied around her stomach, and just above her breasts. Anna yelled and pleaded, but all that brought was a large round vegetable stuffed into her mouth. Now she was gagged, and could only make muffled pleas for her life. It didn’t matter anyway, they never answered her when she was screaming. This served to quiet her so the savages didn’t have to listen to her. The woman took one final aromatic vine, this one without any vegeatables, and tied Anna’s plump tits together tightly. Now they looked like two bocci balls topped with cherries. Anna squirmed and wriggled, but all was for nothing. The savages held her tightly, constantly laughing and remarking about something or other as the woman prepared her.
Anna’s tits were the focus now. Tied together, they made an excellent spot to stuff with a long white starchy root. The woman carefully shoved it between Anna’s breasts and under the vine holding them together. It stuck nicely. The woman smiled and began to poke the plump meatbags with some small leaves. The stems were pushed into her skin and the sweet-smelling leaves hung close to her skin. Soon Ann’a tits were well seasoned. Now it was time for her best meat. Anna’s legs were held wide open for the woman. She began stuffing Anna’s cunt with oiled vegetables. Anna tried to yell.  Her vegetable gag muffled everything, but they understood every yelp. One after another vegetables were stuffed into Anna’s cunt. Wild onions, peppers and garlic were pushed inside her as she tried to wriggle free. Soon Anna’s stomach began to distend from the sheer volume of stuffing. One final vegetable, a large round onion was used to plug her hole.
Then, with ease, the men flipped Anna over onto her stomach. Anna’s eyes popped as she realized what was next. Her ass was to be stuffed the same way. The men holding her feet apart with one hand used their other hands to hold Anna’s butt crack open. The woman took full advantage, forcing peppers, onions and wild garlic into Anna’s poor overfucked ass. Once she was stuffed full front and back, a large jungle carrot was forced into Anna’s bunghole as garnish.
Anna was sobbing now. They were really going to eat her! There was nothing she could do. No one was coming to save her…and her screams and cries for mercy which had gone unheeded, now were muffled into silence.  The men holding Anna’s feet tied them together again, and they all carried her out into the center of the village. The pot had been prepared the night before, filled with water by the children and surrounded by a pile of wood and kindling. All it needed was Anna. With a word from the king, Anna was plopped unceremoniously into the pot. She bobbed to the surface quickly. She was able to stand, but the sides were at the height of her chest, too high for her to get out. The water slapped at the Anna’s midriff. She looked at the king as he gave another command. Several women ran forward with small torches and lit the fire. The kindling cracked to life, and smoke rose quickly around the pot. Anna struggled against her bonds, but it was no use. Even if she could get out of the pot, the savages surely wouldn’t let her escape.
The fire spread to the larger pieces of wood. As the kindling burned off the smoke cleared a bit, and Anna could see the villagers happily watching their captive struggling in the pot. Anna was stuffed, seasoned and soon would be simmering for the savage’s dinner, and they knew it. Anna continued to try to escape as the water began to warm. Soon it was much too hot, small bubbles forming on her skin. As the pot came to a boil, Anna was forced to resign herself to her fate. The heat weakened her further, and soon she slipped into unconsciousness.
Anna simmered for hours in the pot. When dinner was ready, they doused the hot coals around the pot with water and waited a bit for it to cool enough to drag Anna from the water. The served her on a bed of leaves, all three holes still stuffed. The villagers gathered for their feast. The king got the best parts, Anna’s succulent cunt. He also got some of her plump ass and tits. It was good to be king. 


by an English chef

The sun was beginning to set as Anna and Marco paddled their canoe carefully down the ‘Cane River’. Cane River is situated in the Congo. Anna and Marco are historical researchers from the  University Of London and Rome. Their journey was to research an ancient civilisation that was thought to be long extinct, called the ‘Whari Tribe’. The Whari Tribe inhabited the Congo more than three thousand years ago  and are thought to have become extinct after a long and drawn out battle between rival tribes who fought for land and riches.

Paddling down the river, the water gently breaking against the canoe, they both admired the sunset sinking in the distance. The sound of nocturnal animals could be heard ringing out from the trees and bushes that surrounded the river bank. Several Crocodiles watched them nervously from the river bank, their heads just breaking the surface, their gazing eyes just above the water. This was no place to go swimming. The river seemed to go on forever and ever, indeed it did for the river spanned almost 900 miles across the country. After several hours and almost in pitch darkness, Marco and Anna reached their destination camp. The clearing in which they would camp stood clearly from the river and was surrounded by many different varieties of trees and plants of all kinds.

Arriving on the river bank, Marco pulled the canoe onto shore and the two set about setting up camp. They erected the tent, this would be their living quarters for the next three weeks, set up the storage tent which held food and research equipment and set about gathering wood to build a fire to cook a meal on and to keep unwanted mosquitoes away.  The wood was plentiful as it lay all around them and there was plenty of dry leaves to get the fire started.  Anna lit the fire and soon the flames were dancing into the night sky. The two sat by the fire watching their dinner cook. The aroma of dinner made them both hunger greatly after their long journey up the river. Soon dinner was ready and they both sat around the fire enjoying the meal and the surroundings.  The surrounding jungle felt peaceful as the sounds of night fell.

After the meal, both were feeling very sleepy and retired to the tent to sleep.  Long days of research lay ahead of them and there was much to do whilst they were there.  Marco and Anna fell into a deep peaceful sleep.  They awoke early that morning, feeling refreshed. They went outside to start a new fire to cook breakfast. They both gathered some new wood.  On arrival back at camp, Marco noticed that something seemed different. Their tent door was flapping open and one of the equipment trunks layed in a different place. Puzzled, Marco asked Anna if she thought things had moved. ‘I’m not sure?’ she replied, and with that nothing else was said - it was just put down to imagination.

They continued to cook breakfast and set about the day’s research. In the distance stood a mountain. It was here that they started to explore, looking for signs that the ‘Whari Tribe’ once existed. The mountain was steep and the two sweated as they scaled up it’s side. At long last they arrived at the top to an ancient ruin. Around the ruin there layed many stone tablets with curious ancient writing adorning them.  Anna studied the curious writing and looked at the ancient pictures. One of the chiselled stone pictures depicted a scene, a rather terrifying scene. The scene was of a cannibal feast taking place and several victims were depicted laying over a fire roasting. Anna showed the picture to Marco.  It was long thought that the ‘Whari Tribe’ had been cannibals who enjoyed the meat of their victims. Until now nothing had been found to provide evidence that cannibals did exist and feast here. Marco and Anna were delighted at such a find and couldn’t wait to present it in their research.  They continued to search the ruins and found a number of human bones littering the area. All the bones had slight charring and cut marks on them which again suggested that the unlucky victims had been processed  for a reason.  The two made many notes in their notebooks which would make for interesting reading. Again they found some fragments of what would have been an enormous cooking pot and several cooking implements that lay half buried in the soil.
All their finds were documented and taken back to camp for further research.

The two arrived back at camp early that evening, weary and exhausted from the long trek back down the mountain. Both were happy with what they had found on the mountain.  Back at camp again they noticed that things weren’t quite the same. Some things had been moved once again. This time both Anna and Marco noticed. ‘What is going on here?’ Anna quizzed. ‘I don’t know, but someone else is here!’ said Marco nervously. The two looked around but nobody could be seen. Whoever had been here left no tracks.
Unable to establish who had been there, the two settled down to build a fire for the evenings meal. As the sun set the two sat round the fire and wondered nervously just who was there with them. Anna felt as though someone was watching them. The two sat around the fire discussing the days finds. Soon the conversation was on the cannibal stone picture and thoughts of what probably took place filled their heads. Anna imagined the scene of victims being roasted over the fire, of the aroma of their cooking flesh filling the air and of partaking in the feast that followed.. ‘What did the meat taste like?’ she thought, ‘What would it have been like to be cooking in front of all those people’ Marco thought.  This really was food for the imagination as though to say.  As the night drew to a close, the two sat around the fire deep in thought and discussion at the finds from the mountain. The worry of who had been in their camp subsided.

They lay in the tent drifting off to sleep. Anna heard a faint noise coming from the jungle. It sounded like distant drums beating. She listened carefully as it continued then stopped after a few minutes. Anna nudged Marco ‘Did you hear that?’ she quizzed, ‘Hear what?’ Marco replied, ‘The sound of drums beating!’ Anna continued, ‘I didn’t hear anything!’ said Marco, rather annoyed that his almost slumber had been broken by imaginary commotion. Anna listened hard again, and again she could hear the sound  of distant drum beats. This time Marco did hear the drumming. ‘I heard it that time!’ he said with some excitement, ‘Told you!’ said Anna. The two sat up and listened. The drumming seamed to be getting closer. ‘Who can it be?’ questioned Anna. ‘I don’t know!’ replied Marco, ‘Perhaps we’d better go and have a look!’. With that Marco and Anna emerged from the tent, still barely dressed, and walked by torchlight in the direction of the drum beats. The drum beats grew ever louder and closer emerging with haste through the jungle.

Suddenly the cause of the drumming was right on top of them. A tribe of dark skinned ferocious looking warriors stood before them pointing their spears. Startled, Marco and Anna turned to run in the opposite direction. They turned and ran as fast as they could. The warriors gave chase. Marco and Anna split up and went in opposite directions to make it harder to pursue them. Marco and Anna ran past their camp and struggling for breath scattered into the jungle. Marco had dropped the torch so the two struggled alone in darkness. Anna snagged herself on the vicious undergrowth, her panties becoming ripped and tattered. They hung there barely covering her, save for a t-shirt covering her breasts. The warriors were close behind the pair of them. They continued to run, stumbling over fallen logs and vines that showed no mercy as they got in the way.  The drumming continued from their pursuers, adding to the mounting fear the two were feeling. The had barely been in the area a few days and here they were being chased through the jungle by a pack of spear carrying madmen.  Anna lived the fear that the cannibals victims must have felt as they were chased by their captors.

Struggling for breath, bloodied and torn from the jungle, both were captured within the hour. Their captors tied them to a long pole and carried them off.  Anna and Marco hung terrified from underneath separate poles. Their arms and legs bound, unable to move or escape. Through the jungle the warriors bounded, the drumming continued along with them. Their captors starred at them as they hung there. Annas smooth thighs glistening with perspiration in the moonlight, her breasts juggling up and down with the motion. Eventually after what seemed like a few miles the warriors arrived at their camp. Their camp consisted of a large clearing in the jungle encircled with many mud huts. In the clearing stood many women and children who looked excitedly at the two as they arrived. The two captured prey at that moment in time. Anna let out a small cry of fear. One of the warriors laughed.  From one of the huts, emerged a very tall, well to do looking dark gentleman. He was dressed in ceremonial jungle garb and walked proudly as he came towards them. The crowd of  men, women and children fell to their knees  in awe of his presence.  As he walked towards the two, he was heard to speak. ‘Hello!, I’m Akim, Chief of the Whari Tribe, welcome my fine two’  he said excitedly. ‘The Wari Tribe?, but, but I thought that the Wari Tribe was extinct thousands of years ago?’ said Marco, nervously puzzled. ‘Extinct! No such thing! We are strong! We Live!, We are a proud people, very much not extinct!’ replied the Chief proudly, his strong chest rising. ‘This is typical of white mans ignorance!, he knows nothing!’ he continued. Anna felt excited at discovering something new and unthought but also felt a nervousness at what their fate might be. ‘Give them water and take them to a hut to sleep!’ commanded the Chief. The warriors fed them some water and carried them off into one of the mud huts that stood on the fringe of the tribal clearing. Once inside, the two were left tied to the poles and laid on a large straw bed. The warriors closed the door and locked it from outside. Marco and Anna lay there bewildered. ‘What do you think they’ll do to us?’ Anna nervously asked Marco. ‘I don’t know!, I hope they’re not going to eat us like what the stone pictures depicted!’ he replied. ‘I hope not!’ replied Anna. The two lay awake most of the night, slipping in and out of sleep, fearful of their captors. As day broke, rays of sunshine streamed into the hut. The two lay there, helpless, waiting.

The door opened and before them stood the Chief Akim. ‘Good morning my fine two!, today is feast day and you two will join us in our celebrations!’ he said laughing. Anna gulped. ‘Lets get you ready!, there’s much to do!’ he carried on, summoning his warriors to pick them up and take them outside. ‘No! please don’t eat us!, I don’t want to be eaten!’ cried Anna as her pole was picked up by two strong warriors and carried outside. ‘Help!’ cried Marco, as he followed. ‘White meat very good!’ said the Chief in reply. ‘Please!, look, we have money, you can take anything!, but please don’t eat us!’ panicked Anna. ‘All we want is your meat!, that’s all!’  replied the Chief. ‘No!!!’ cried Marco. The two were carried off to another hut. This time a much larger hut at the other end of the clearing. Once inside the two were greeted by many women who looked at them with extended excitement. The two were layed on a large wooden table and their clothing, or what little there was, was cut from them. They lay there naked and trembling nervously. Annas breasts and thighs glistening in the dim light penetrating the hut. Marcos muscly chest and torso exposed for all to see along with his well exercised thighs. 

The women stroked and fondled Annas soft skin. They caressed her breasts between their fingers, her nipples standing up asking for more. Anna lay there wide eyed, disbelieving what was happening like this was all a dream. The women opened her legs and examined her pussy, opening her soft, damp lips. Anna shuddered with unforeseen  pleasure at the attention. The women stroked her wetness, feeling the pouting lips that moistened before them, the velvet pinkness presenting itself.  A finger darted deep inside her, all the time circling her. Akim the chief walked into hut and looked at the helpless two before him. ‘Beautiful!’ he said to Anna, ‘Tonight we eat well!’ he continued. Anna closed her eyes trying to block out what was happening. The Chief walked over to Anna and stroked her heaving breasts., her nipples hardening again inbetween his strong hands. Anna let out a small groan of pleasure. Marco looked on nervously. The Chief kissed Annas breasts one by one, biting the nipples gently, the warmth of his tongue filling Anna with mounting lust. The chief kissed down her chest, his tongue playing with her belly-button, teasing her. Lower and lower he went, gently biting the tender meaty flesh of her inner thighs, caressing and squeezing her rump as she lay on the table. The chief caressed her wet moist lips which were crying out for more and more. His tongue darting inside her, his teeth gently nibbling her clitoris, tasting her, tasting the meat for the dinner table. Anna groaned with pleasure, biting her lip as she almost came with all the attention. ‘Yes! Yes!’ she cried for more. The Chief removed his clothes and stood before her. His almighty cock was already erect. How he wanted her!. He stood forward in front of Annas head and she swallowed him greedily. The Chief gasped with sudden pleasure as her warmth consumed him, his flesh weakening. Anna savoured the chief, his huge cock filling her mouth. He removed his cock after a few minutes and turned Anna on her side, parted her juicy rump cheeks and entered her from the side. Anna groaned with pleasure as she was filled to the sides with the chiefs meat. The Chief reached round and stroked her pouting clitoris, her wetness running down his fingers. Anna felt delicious and wanted the moment to last for ever and for it to never stop. His huge cock bucked and jumped around inside of her. Anna came with an almighty explosion and a scream ‘I’m coming! Oh yes!, take me!, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!’ she cried, as her love nest was filled with delicious meat. ‘Arrrhhhhhhh!’ panted the Chief as he came, filling her to the brim with his love juice. The Chief lay on top of her, half exhausted. Anna felt a tinge of sadness that the moment didn’t last forever.

The women took hold of Marco, caressing and rubbing his well muscled chest, teasing his flesh. They took hold of his manhood as it hardened in the hand. The women rubbed the tip gently as he stiffened in joy to the moment. Marco closed his eyes and savoured the attention. The hands felt him all over, making him want more. One of the women, a beautiful dark women, with long hair and rounded hips disrobed and stood before him. Her large breasts glistening in the dim light. She smiled as she went down on him, her warm lips enveloping his throbbing meat, squeezing and caressing him all over, testing him for his meatiness. The women stood up and placed her tender lips at his mouth and invited him to eat her. Marcos tongue tasting and caressing her velvet softness, her back arched in delight, her legs widening as she wanted him to devour her completely. She tasted so sweet as her thighs gripped his head. She then slid down his body, turned round and rode him like a race horse. Her juicy rump bobbing up and down, taking him deeper and deeper inside her, wanting him as his cock filled her. She rubbed her clitoris gently with her fingers as she climaxed at the same time as Marco exploded inside of her, filling her with his hot juice.

Both Marco and Anna felt over whelmed with all the attention they had been given. Neither of them really cared anymore what fate may have in store for them as they lay there. The women started to prepare the two for the feast. They were untied from the poles, turned over onto their fronts and their hands retied firmly behind their backs. Then their ankles were tied. The women slapped and caressed their rumps, feeling the juicy meat that was sitting there. Anna closed her eyes and dreamed of the feast. She imagined herself laying before the Chief and of him devouring her tender pussy lips once again. She felt a tinge of excitement surge through her. Both were placed kneeling on a large roasting tray and oil was rubbed into their flesh. Both enjoyed having their genitals and rumps oiled. ‘Where’s the oven?’ thought Anna as she lay side by side with Marco. The women stuffed her pussy with stuffing and onions and finished it off with an apple. Then a carrot was rammed in between their rump cheeks as decoration. Finally an apple was placed between their teeth.  Ready for roasting , Marco and Anna waited nervously for the oven and the feast that lay ahead. With a slap on their rumps, several of the women carried them off for the oven.

The oven wasn‘t what the two had expected. It was a hole in the ground filled with hot stones from the fire. The two were placed on a table as the women got the oven ready for them. Finally the two were lowered on the tray into the oven. The roasting tray sat on sand over the top of hot stones and then a metal cover was placed above them and more hot stones placed on top before being covered completely with more sand to seal them in. The oven was pitch dark inside and the two could feel their bodies pressed together - Annas thighs against Marcos. It was warm inside the oven as the heat started to rise from the sand. It didn‘t feel all that unpleasant. Little did they know that they would be roasted to almost melting point when the real heat came through and took them. The pit grew quiet inside as the two knelt there waiting to start to cook. Within a few minutes the heat started to penetrate through from the rocks and the two started to sweat a little. Anna closed her eyes and blissfully thought of her preparations again. How she longed for the Chiefs huge cock to penetrate her and make her come. She squeezed her meaty thighs together and started to feel horny. The oil that covered them melted and penetrated their skin making it tighten in the heat. They could feel the carrot in their rumps and Anna felt full with the delicious stuffing that filled her juicy pussy. Pushing back on the carrot Anna exploded in orgasm one last time as it pushed further inside her. How fulfilled she felt and ready for the feast. How she longed for the platter and to satisfy the tribes hunger.

The oven continued to get hotter and hotter and the two could feel their flesh start to sizzle. A sweet aroma rose of them filling their nostrils with their roasting meat. They knew there was no escape and fate sealed them in the oven. The never ending heat sapped their energy greatly and made them drift in and out of conciousness, always aware that they were just meat now.  After almost an hour their eyes closed for good and they drifted off together in their destiny. Their flesh sizzled and hissed as the heat took hold of them. Their juices ran into the bottom of the roasting pan. Later, the juices would make delicious gravy to accompany their meat. Their flesh turned golden brown as they roasted. Their bodies glistened with oil and their juices. They were cooking in each other juices. Their aroma rose from the oven and could be smelt outside. How delicious it all smelled.

Outside, the women of the tribe prepared the rest of the feast. Long tables were layed out and carving knives were sharpened to make slicing the meat easy. One big platter was layed on  one of the end tables ready for Marco and Anna to grace with their meat. The whole village became excited at the forthcoming feast and their hunger grew as the aroma filled their nostrils. Marco and Anna kneel in the pit turning browner and browner, sizzling together as they melted.

After seven long hours of roasting the meat was ready for the great feast. The top was taken off the oven to reveal two splendidly roasted golden long-pigs. Great whisps of steam came from their tender meat as it sizzled in it’s own gravy. The roasting tray was lifted out and the two were layed on the big platter that awaited them. Their eyes wide shut and the apple still clenched in their mouths. Their bodies glistened in the early evening sun. The village sat down at the tables and the great feast begun. The Chief carved them separately and distributed their meat around the gathering. The meat was pink and very tender and melted in the mouth. Each slice held it’s own succulent steaming juices. The gravy was particularly delicious and covered the meat beautifully. The Chief reserved Annas pussy meat all for himself. How exquisitely moist it was. The women of the tribe wasted no time in sharing Marcos cock and his muscly thighs. Everyone greatly enjoyed the feast and the meat become less and less as the evening wore on. Marco and Anna certainly provided much tender meat. The Chief knew from experience that if the meat was kept happy it always tasted twice as good.  At the end of the evening just bones and a few scraps of meat were left. The remains were given to the dogs to finish off. The village retired to their huts happy and with full stomachs. Marco and Annas research at least proved one thing - that the ‘Whari Tribe’ were very much alive and thriving. All tourists should be wary of coming too far down the river!!!!.

I, Cannibal
I peered out from behind the palm tree. He hadn't been this excited in over a year. You had washed up on shore in a liferaft yesterday, and I have been watching you closely since, sizing you up, planning your capture. I've never done it like this before, alone. But necessity and hunger for human flesh presses me on. Disease and storms had taken their toll on my people, the Gnam Gnam. I am the only one left. Alone, I can't hunt on other islands for women to capture for my pot. And the last meal of succulent woman meat I had was over a year ago, before the storms of the season claimed the last of my friends and family.

We, the Gnam Gnam were a tribe of cannibals. We especially have a taste for women, as they were usually more tender and tasty than men. But now the ability to hunt and capture victims was gone. Several yearly feasts had passed with only fish and crabs from the atoll I call home for dinner. No way for a cannibal to party. But now the Gods had brought you here. Just in time for the midsummer feast!

Your name wis Anna. You are dark haired and olive skinned, beautiful, with plump breasts and a fine meaty ass. You had been shipwrecked alone on the beach and were tired, hungry, thirsty and scared. You had removed most of your clothing and now wore only small cotton pantie, so you could take a dip in the water to get relief from the sun, and now laid there on the sand, resting. I can surely overpower you easily, but this was unusual. Normally I and 5 or 6 of my male tribe members would row to a nearby island and raid a small village for a female. But now, doing this alone was a bit frightening, even though you couldn't possibly fight me off.

I move in slowly, creeping down the beach so you can't hear or see me. But I'm not yet good at this. You hear me too soon, and get up to run away, screaming. You are running for her life, you are sure. I am big and black, and obviously trying to sneak up on you for some nefarious purpose. I set out after you, knowing you can't get away. There is nowhere for you to go. I run at a trot, not worrying so much about catching you as what I will do to subdue you once I do. You run to hide among the bushes. But you can see I was not fooled. You begin running again, deeper into the forested island. I draw closer as you tire. You triy to run faster, but it is no use. I am relentless, and you are running out of energy. Soon I am just behind you. You can hear my breathing, even over your own panicked puffing. I pounce on you as you scream, pulling you to the ground and straddling your waist from begind.  I quickly tie you with rope around your wrists and ankles. "What are you doing? Let me go you savage!" you cry. I stand up and looked over my prize as you struggle on your stomach, your hands behind your back.  I smile at my handiwork, and thought of how to get you back to my camp and into my pot.

I will have to carry you. No one here to help string you to a pole. I lean down and lift you by the waist, and throw you over my shoulder as you protest. "Let me go, please let me go. What do you want?" You must be truly frightened now. You must be wondering what I am going to do with you. Why do I have you tied up? Where am I taking you?  I can't understand your language, but I understand your pleadings. I've heard them before. But you are a fine catch, and will make an excellent dinner today and into the future. I carry you further into the jungle toward my camp. You try to free yourself, but I have tied you tightly, and I have a good hold on you at the waist and also have your thighs pinned to my chest. You won't escape.

After awhile, you tire of fighting, and hang limply over my shoulder as I walk throught the trees. You sob lightly as you wonder what will become of you. You can feel my powerful grip holding you tightly, and wonder how you can possibly escape. "Please, please don't hurt me. Let me go." you plead. But there is no chance of that. I have plans for you. Delicious plans. I move my hand from holding your thighs and pull your panties down over your ass. You struggle and wiggle a bit, but have no strength to fight. "NO." your voice a bit shaky. I pat your ass, and feel it's meatiness. Your struggles only serve to excite me more, and I plunge two thick fingers into your cunt. You flinch at the surprise attack, and try to wriggle off my shoulder as I twist them around and push deeper. Your scent is wonderful, and my fingers elicit the response I'm looking for. You become wet and coat my fingers with your juice. I pull them out, and sniff them deeply. Then I taste your essence by licking them clean. I smile, knowing now that I have caught a delicious meal.

You squirm and buck in another attempt to escape. "He's going to rape me!" you think to yourself. That would be horrible. A naked black savage having hiis way with you would be about the worst thing you could think of. And there is no one who can come to save you. You are marooned here, with no immediate possibility of getting off the island. Tied and unable to fight me, you realize you are mineto do with as I please. "Let me go, you savage. I'm an Italian citizen! I'll have you killed when they come to rescue me!" you yell. But I walk on, making my way toward my camp. You only have an idea of half of what awaits you.

We finally make it to what remains of my village. I walk into the clearing with you slung over my shoulder. You realize we have arrived as the sun now shines down in this clearing. I take you over to one of the huts.You see that there are no others to worry about. I am alone. That is when you see the cook pot and realize why I have captured you. "My God, he's a cannibal!! Does he want to cook me in that pot?" you wonder to yourself as panic again sets in. But I don't want to cook you now. I want to fuck you. It's been a long time since I have had a woman, and not only for dinner. We enter the hut and I put you down on the ground. "What are you going to do with me?" you ask. I don't answer, but lean in and rip your panties from your thighs. "NO! Don't!" you scream. "Don't, please." Your cries don't faze me in the least. I untie your ankles and separate your knees with my powerful hands. Your cunt is still wet and the aroma serves only to excite me further. My cock begins to harden as I push you onto your back. You look up to see it as it gets longer and thicker. "Oh, no." you say. "It is too big!! No, you can't fuck me with that thing!" But I can, and I do. I lean forward, pinning you down at the shoulders, your hands and arms pushed into the floor of the hut by my weight. My cock finds it's mark at the entrance to your pussy, and I shove it in. You gasp at its size and I gasp at your tightness. I begin pumping you hard and fast, pushing you up and back as I thrust. "OH, NO, PLEASE STOP!" you beg. But I'm not interested in what you want, only in my pleasure. And you ARE a pleasure.

I continue pounding your sopping cunt. My cock is covered in your delicious juices. You begin to cum against your will. My huge cock coaxing an orgasm from your body. You quiver and shake and cry out in exstasy as my thick member continues its assault on your hole. I fuck you through one orgasm and then another and another as I build to my own. Finally, with you spent and limp on the end of my cock, I explode into you. I fill your hole with hot, sticky semen as I grunt and groan in pleasure. Your cunt continues spasming around it, sucking it dry. Before it goes soft, I pull out and roll you onto your stomach. You know what is coming. "NO, please not that. NO, NO, please!"

Again I am only interested in one thing. I separate your ass cheeks and take aim at your clenched asshole. I work my cock, still slick with our juices up against it, and slowly push the bulbous head in. You call out in shock. "Unnhhh, no." But now I'm in and I take full advantage. I push myself completely into your tight ass as you call out in protest. "AAAHHH, NOOOOOO!" Your ass now serves the same purpose as your cunt. I begin pumping my hips and slapping my balls against your pussy as I fuck your bunghole. You are powerless to stop me, and I enjoy you again, pushing my cock into and out of your ass with abandon. You begin to cum again, your ass sending waves of pleasure throughout your body, and mine. Since I have already cum once, I can fuck you almost without end now. Your asshole is abused and tortured with my stiff rod until you cannot take it any longer. You begin to pass out from the pleasure and and pain. I fuck you into complete submission before filling your ass with more hot, white cum. It squeezed out around my pulsating dick and runs down between your legs to mix with that already flowing out of your well fucked cunt. You are mine, tied and completely helpless, fucked to within an inch of your life.

Now that you've been tenderized, it's time for me to start cooking you. After all, I want to have you on tonight's menu. I'm tired, but the thought of you cooking in my pot gives me new energy. I tie your ankles again, and drag you by the arm outside the hut. I take you to a pole sticking up out of the ground and loop rope around your shoulders, stomach and knees to tie you to it. Then I begin preparing the pot for you. I walk down to a nearby tidal pool and bring back buckets of water. I begin to fill the pot as you beg for your life. "Please, don't eat me. I'll do what you want." you plead. I am not listening. It takes me 4 trips to completely fill the pot. Each time I return you beg me for mercy again. Instead I walk over to you and run my finger over your breasts and taste you again. I can't wait to have you served on my table tonight.

Once the pot is full, I untie you from the pole. "No, NO NO please, don't put me in there!!" But soon enough, that is just where you are headed. I carry you over to the pot as you beg and plead to not be eaten. I take you to a long table where you will be served later and lay you on your back. I begin to stuff your cunt with handfulls of sweet smelling herbs from the nearby jungle. You twist and yell for me to stop. But I continue to stuff you until your cunt is full. Then I shove in a large stalk of celery, leaving the leafy top sticking out. I begin to fuck you with it, and you start to become moist again. That is what I want. I want you to flavor the herbs inside you with your juices. I fuck you with the celery stalk until you cum. Then I turn you over. You protest again and again. "Stop, no, please no!" Your ass is next to be stuffed. Soon my hand has stuffed a handful of herbs deep into your ass. It is followed by another and then another. I continue until I am satisfied that you are stuffed full. This time a large carrot is used to fuck your asshole. Again, you are fucked with the vegetable until you cum. I am enjoying the show, as well as the preparation. The carrot is left sticking out of your ass just like the celery in your dripping cunt. Your pleas for mercy getting more urgent now that you know you are getting close to the pot. I tie your ankles to your wrists, much like a hogtie. This will keep you seated in the pot. I pick you up and carry you to your bath. I plop you in, and push you down into the water.

You begin to sob and cry. "Why don't you let me go? Please, don't cook me, don't eat me." I begin to pile wood around the bottom of the pot as you squirm and wiggle in vain. The ropes hold you tight, and you can only twist around in a circle as I continue piling up fuel for the fire. Soon I am ready to light it. I use some burning embers from my camp fire to light the dried leaves and grass. It catches quickly, and soon you are coughing from the smoke. As the smoke dies away and the flames lick the pot, you feel the water begin to warm. "Oh, God, no. Please please no, let me go." I tire of your whining, and shove a large, round bundle of leaves into your mouth as a gag. "MMmphhh. Ummphhh nnnn." Much better. Now I sit and wait for you to cook for my dinner. You struggle for awhile as the water heats up. Soon you are simmering in a boiling pot, stuffed with herbs. Your skin begins to turn red, and the pain is getting unbearable. I add more wood to the fire as it is needed, in order to keep you cooking. I simmer you for hours, and think about how you will taste. Soon I'll get to find out if you are as delicious as I think you are.

You finally pass out from the heat. Your head rolls forward, and I check to see if you are done. A little more cooking should do it. After another hour I douse the flames. I remove you from the pot, done to perfection. I take you to the table and untie you. You lay there, unable to move, but very much still alive. I hoist your ass into the air and watch as steam rises from your holes. I lean forward to taste your plump ass. I lick and slurp until you are ready to cum. Then I remove the celery from your cunt with my teeth. Your juices and the herbs have flavored it and your meat. I begin to lick and suck on your pussy lips. I can't wait any longer. I take a bite, and you cum one more time. Your juice flows into my mouth as I savor your tender cunt meat. I eat my fill of your pussy and ass, and save the rest of you for tomorrow.

Maybe your tits will make a fine breakfast.

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